Boston High School Student Facing 20 Years For Saying “F#*k The Government!” On His Facebook Page

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon told the Valley Patriot this afternoon that D’Ambrosio a sent text message and posted terrorist threats on social media.  ”We took this very seriously,” Chief Solomon said.  ”He posted a threat in the form of rap where he mentioned the White House, the Boston Marathon bombing, and said ‘everybody you will see what I am going to do, kill people.”  Superintendent of Schools Judy Scannell said that the student was not in school today, but that a student at Methuen High School saw the posting on Facebook and notified the school administration who notified police.  

“Once again we have to commend the Methuen High School Student who came forward, we always say, if you see something, say something, and that’s what this student did. We also want to commend the school safety officers and the administration for bringing this to our attention immediately. Threats of this kind of violence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, not in Methuen they won’t.”

The police chief says that D’Ambrosio faces up to 20 years for felony charges of communicating terrorist threats under MGL. Ch. 269, Section 14. Bail has been set at $1MIL.

Oh man, the police state is in full swing now.  Is this in poor taste, absolutely, the kid is a punk.  Should he be sent to prison for 20 years over it, absolutely not.  Rapists and child molesters get less than that.  If that’s how our justice system works then it needs to be seriously reformed (it is how it works and does need to be reformed). -Mort

14 thoughts on “Boston High School Student Facing 20 Years For Saying “F#*k The Government!” On His Facebook Page

  1. I don’t believe he’s “Facing 20 Years For Saying ‘F#*k The Government'”, but making threats of violence against the government has always been a crime.

    1. since when is “fuck” a violent threat? you need to get deprogrammed. you’ve swallowed the narrative of the oppressors without blinking

  2. Always? Making threats of violence against the government has always been a crime? We’ve never had freedom of speech?

    A minor’s commitment to juvenile detention was reversed when the court found that his dark poetry did not constitute a criminal threat. The minor showed to some female classmates a poem in which he had written, “I can be the next kid to bring guns to kill students at school. So parents watch your children cuz I’m BACK!!” One of the students felt threatened and told a teacher. The school then took action. The California Supreme Court held that the poem was not criminal. On its face, the threat was not unequivocal because the persona says, “I can,” as opposed to, “I will kill students.” Under the circumstances, the poem was not unequivocally threatening.

    Given that there was no animosity between the students nor any “immediate prospect of execution of a threat to kill,” the poem was not “sufficiently unequivocal to convey . . . an immediate prospect that minor would bring guns to school and shoot students.” In re George T., 93 P.3d 1007, 1009, 1018 (2004).

    1. Roger that. If this kid did make a “threat” v. this government, it sure as hell was, and is a threat v. criminal, rogue, treasonous, subverted enemy government who is actively attacking and killing us with chemtrails, GMO’s, hidden cancer cures, and much more, is not illegal.

      It is called: self defense.

  3. I sure can’t see anything out of line with saying f#@k the government. In fact, I would say it indicates the kid is informed of what is going on these days. Also, just saying “f#@k the government” is a declaration, not a threat. Technically, to be a threat, he would have to say, “I will f#@k the government.” And more to the point, how could anyone f#@k the government anyway, what with the government f#@king US left and right, sideways, and up and down?

    1. Generally, the Law states that a threat is not a “threat,” unless the person allegedly “making the threat” has the capability and means to IMPLEMENT the threat. Killing the government is therefore not a threat.

      If someone said: “I am gonna kill everyone who lives in my state,” is not a threat, but contrarily if that person said: “I am gonna kill all the neighbors within 1/2 mile from me;” it could be a threat.

      BUT I will tell you what this smells like to me:

      ziojew “chief solomon” publishing a “story” about a non-existent “threat” to try and discourage the People form their 1st Amendment rights. Much more likely huh? Another psyop, this time from the jewMSM who are spreading it everywhere.

  4. “Boston High School Student Facing 20 Years For Saying “F#*k The Government!” On His Facebook Page”… UnF#*king believable!!! Since when is saying what is on your mind a crime… especially if it is non-threatening?

  5. Hey All ,I find it amusing that they only go after CHILDREN,It’s like they dont have the guts to attack,say A MAN LIKE MYSELF STEVE APPLE OR JD – HENRY-#1- NC-DIGGER or any of the MILLIONS of other REAL MEN on this and other sites across the web. I think it is because the GUBBERMENT IS A PACK OF COWARDLY ASSED MANGEY LAPDOGS with a yellow streak 6 inches wide from their neck to the crack of their cowardly asses,and know the terrible anger of the american man is more than they have the balls to face and must prosecute harmless PUPS who are just learning to growl.It seems that there is nothing but air and fear between US and them and the AIR aint stopping them.They know all their”terrible weapons” dont add up to doodley squat when faced with the numbers we AMERICAN NATIONALS have and are just trying the same old tired trix that are for kids as real men dont fall for that BLUFF anymore.

  6. Hey Steve, we, the people, under the wisdom of our founding fathers, have the ultimate weapon at our disposal to defend our freedom. Our “Bill of Rights” are not subject to discussion and anyone who speaks otherwise is guilty of sedition. Case closed.

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