Governments Use Spyware Disguised as Firefox #N3

Published on May 3, 2013 by NextNewsNetwork

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11 thoughts on “Governments Use Spyware Disguised as Firefox #N3

    1. Past life? Don’t tell me you actually believe that past life pseudoscience crap?

      Well you, like everyone else living in this planet, inherited every problems humans ever faced. I would recommend you look towards general science for small piece of sanity in a every corrupt and unsane environment.

  1. I think this story of Mozilla fighting off illegal use of its name to install spyware exists to promote Mozilla as a company who is concerned about such a thing, despite their latest updates continually prompting users to install it voluntarily via the Adobe flash-player.

    1. Last saturday I had to keep installing adobe flash player to watch any video here on site or any where else. I had Mozilla/FireFox, and Crome as a alternate browser because of how I was told that useing those two would speed up my pc. well I found that Mozilla and that Crome was not user freindly at all and it did not speed up my pc one bit and I was always getting non response readings or freeze ups all the time. Since I deleted Mozilla and crome I haven`t had half of the problems that I did while useing those two browsers. Now I still get freeze ups but not even half as many.

  2. I only download FF from the mozilla site. chrome is owned by: jewgle, or as some call it: google. google is run by the government. The story of how 2 jewish boys, sergie brin and and larry page, created this wonderful search engine in 1998, is as real as the zuckerberg fairy tale about ciabook’s, (some call it facebook) “founder.” There were better SE’s than G around after 1998, yet G got all the media hype. Ditto that for FB. Who owns the media? jews.

    My point is this: using G or chrome is an open invitation to be tracked by the government.

    In my little newsletter I send out to Patriots and the unawakened; I recommend using or as a SE [search engine], which do not track every click like jewgle does, and the using the TOR FF bundle for a browser. TOR will set up as a separated instance of FF on your PC. You can still use IE/FF etc if you want.

    TOR recommends using NO addons for added security. So if ya gotta have all your addons, another great free IP masker is anonymox for firefox.

    The free version of anonymox will allow you to select the US/UK/ or Netherlands as the IP you will show to ISP’s. Anonymox sets up on your navigation up on top with a button. You can easily disable/enable it. It produces a popup every few minutes in your lower left screen. Simply click CLOSE, NOT disable.

    If you want to pay for a VPN [Virtual Private Network – which creates basically an internet “tunnel” which shields all your web activity and data from anyone] you can get one for around $120 a year. Make sure that the one you choose:

    1. Does NOT keep log files of ANY data – none.

    2. Their servers are not in the us. Read reports about VPN’s at sites like where the pros and blackhatters [ppl who really know the web] go.

    Both of these mask [conceals] your real IP [computer address] form your ISP and anyone else watching you.

    Why is this comment awaiting moderation?? – Are my comments now being moderated for some reason?

    1. Your comment has more than 4 links, which automatically puts it in moderation.
      Nothing personal.

    2. Yep JM, I have used StartPage now for a long time and I like it. I have been thinking of trying duckduckgo but I am quite satisfied with startpage. My ISP does not like starpage at all and and neither does google for that matter. They realy want me to use firefox/mozilla or crome. I`ll never even think of those two ever again. those two caused me nothing but problems.

  3. I use Firefox. As far as I’m concerned, the so-called ‘government’ has some of the best and the brightest of hackers available, so I contend that there are no systems that are 100% secure in that respect. To believe otherwise would be to underestimate our enemy, something I’m not prepared to do.

    That said, considering the nature of the articles and comments I post here, it would be presumptuous of me to think they don’t track everything I do anyway, so this is basically a non-issue for me, although I do at least have the best (that I know of) antivirus protection available.

  4. Everyone on win32/64 ought check out D7. Especially check the D7 | Malware Scan | NTSF Junctions | in ?:/windows for some of the most stubborn rootkits.

    My observations show firefox, be it the stable builds or, nightly, aurora, or UX all are tied to google. which conveniently has some addresses in the range. There’s the whole Safe Web Browsing framework tied into the firefox code.

    Just try to separate it. I can ban all of google, googlesyndication, google analytics, but then other websites break, graphics won’t show etc. It’s a mess. Facebook is similar, in that after you ban it by CIDR -a reversing the cidr/net you will find won’t load. Bastards are tying things together. Also http blocks won’t block https, utter nightmare.

    I suggest using

    email – TheBat! Voyager portable email with encrypted everything.
    http – whatever, just block frame, iframe, xframe
    ftp – use sftp, winscp, xshell4
    Drive with OS installed, CLONE IT using clonezilla or Acronis Home…
    Passwords – use keepass or keepassx, make backup on write only switch USB stick (Immation – The CLIP – has the switch on the side! there are others… I dunno…)
    Banking + Browsing + Site Management = VM either virtualbox or Vmware what ever works. Setup a minimum of three Roll Back able OS’s… One for Banking, one for browsing, one for webdev.

    Use portknocking/SPA on web facing ports.

    Separate wireless net, and local lan’s, from your local lan net by Network addressing Router/Firewall, WAP(my wap tp-link has a wan, Servers http, haxial kdx, etc… Separate each network from each other, and don’t use pinholes unless there is no other solution.

    Separate by layers. Networks, OS’s, Clone Backup’s and Passwords
    Try to update your stuff, but not at the expense of crippling your system. EXAMPLE: recently my VB6 shell() scripts stopped working on .bat, .com, and using the batchfile command “start”; ended up I needed to declare the shell32.dll and provide full paths to files I normally just dumped in the same directory. This was BROKEN by microsoft updates. I have code that worked for years, and suddenly in April 2013 it’s b0rked?! I think not. There’s your reason for CLONED backup, you can roll back, I can rollback and track the shit down.



    1. Good info – thx, although kinda techy for most.

      The Bat [Ritlabs] is based in Russia, so I guess it’s OK – shows a Russian Federation in my addy bar on FF 20x

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