Boycott Gun-Control Advocate Celebs

The Daily Sheeple- by Kimberly Paxton

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control public service announcement included many top celebrities endorsing “a plan”. These celebrities are endorsing the defilement of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. They are using their fame and influence to manipulate the people into supporting the abolition of the rights of responsible American gun owners in a propaganda attack. While they travel with a cadre of armed bodyguards, while their children attend private schools with armed security, they want you to “demand a plan” to become defenseless.

We at The Daily Sheeple are calling for a vocal boycott of these celebrities.

Boycott the movies and music of these celebrities and let them know why. Let them know that their anti-patriotic participation in the destruction of the Bill of Rights will not go unnoticed. This is a call to action – comment on websites, write letters and share this on social media. Demand your 2nd amendment rights and vote with your wallet against those who would be complicit in taking those rights away.

Celebrities to boycott:  

Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, Paul Rudd, Beyonce Knowles, Amy Poehler, Jeremy Renner, Amanda Pete, Jon Hamm, Carla Gugino, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Rashida Jones, Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, John Legend, Olivia Munn, Kathryn Hahn, Julianne Moore, Busy Phillips, Jennifer Garner, John Slattery, Nick Offermann, Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz, Courtney Cox, Christina Applegate, Zooey Deschanel, Steve Carrell, Adam Scott, Ellen Degeneres, Mark Ruffalo, Kate Hudson, Peter Dinklage, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Banks, Max Greenfeld,Gwyneth Paltrow, Conan Obrien, Aubrey Plaza, Debra Messing, Megan Mullaly, Jennifer Westfeldt, Selena Gomez, Michelle Williams, Chris Paul, Victor Cruz

15 thoughts on “Boycott Gun-Control Advocate Celebs

  1. I find it interesting they picked Sarah Silverman, an atheistic jew, to say “How many more places of worship?”. The propagandists never cease to amaze me.

      1. 1st Amendment Speech.

        No one twisted your arm to watch her or listen to her.

        That your environment programmed you with triggers that set on what was called “foul” language a form of offence true, you have to thank on your environment.

        I have seen her, I don’t like her way of programming the subjects she wants to abuse for amusement, I don’t watch her any longer. Lewis Black is much better anyway.

  2. Just this morning I was watching a movie in bed named “Paul.” Just as it became interesting, Justin Blacklist Bateman came on the screen. I jumped out of bed so fast to hit the off button it was like a gag reflex.

    Last evening, I checked the directory closely to choose a good movie, there was one with Jessica Blacklist Alba we refused to watch and two with Reese Blacklist Witherspoon.

    Thanks for the blacklist, I will print it out and keep it in front of my televisions and won’t allow their faces in my house. Direct TV has a feature where it shows the cast members and has a photo of their faces.

    I think ten years from now no one will even recognize any of those names. They are dead to me, and most people in this country. Back in the 50’s the Jews whined about being blacklisted but that was nothing compared to this blacklist.

  3. What would be wrong with parking a cop car with 2 cops, a dozen doughnuts, and a thermos full of coffee in front of all schools? That should deter any maniac from attacking.

    1. pepe,
      Great idea, as long as the cops don’t get bored, and start shooting kids themselves (they could blame it on caffeine/ sugar rush). Just joking. As to the list, I only recognize a half dozen names, and the only ones I respected as performers were Reese and Courtney. That was years ago, so participating in this boycott is a piece of cake.
      Happy New Year, and be well, all, Rob

  4. Why only these celebrities? Hasn’t everyone working in the Zionist media contributed to the destruction of Americans’ rights and morals for decades now?
    It’s not only the second amendment. They’re constantly attacking ALL of them on the tube and in movies, and everyone in Hollywood or on TV has to play along or actually do something constructive for a living.

    And the constant attack on what was once this nation’s morality is at least as damaging.

  5. To all of these turds, actors, singers, politicians, foul mouthed jew comedians; Please be sure to pay your armed guards very well. When peaceful revolution is impossible, all that will be left will be armed revolution. Many revolutionists will remember that, in America, you were not Americans. Many will remember exactly what you are. The thing I have learned over the years about paying people to protect you is that they will, as long as all they have to do is hurt people whom they know cannot or will not fight back. When the resistance is at fever pitch they will run and you will be remembered for what you have wrought.

    What will you do when they come for you?

  6. I can boycott all of those actors and actresses, but I may have difficulty boycotting Jessica Alba. UGH! Why did that beautiful woman have to betray America!?? WHY???!!!!

    Notice how her name is the only one highlighted in green in the text above. UGH!! I think that’s a sign or something. lol

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