4 thoughts on “Boycott Tim Hortons For Refusing To Serve Freedom Convoy Truckers Canada

  1. Their doughnuts suck anyways

    Way to support your fellow man … Timmyhoe
    Bad decision that’s going to have an impact

    1. @EotS Timmies is fkn garbage not even Canadian anymore own by Burger King Corp. Haven’t graced their doors in 10 yrs, and I still don’t miss their shit food

      1. Yup
        Wife worked for the local TH in the States , for a year and some months ..screwed up place to work
        she went on medical leave and they basically fired her , there was no job for her when she came back after her operation , shit company to work for too

        they haven’t seen a dollar form us or my family since, and this was probably 10+ years ago

  2. They don’t want to serve truckers, then they don’t need the supplies the truckers deliver to their restaurants. By Bye Horton’s

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