4 thoughts on “Canada: Possible Staged False Flag Terror Attack Incoming

  1. I don’t want to hang politicians I just want to stretch their necks a little put the fear of God into the little piss ant tyrants

    1. The crimes they have committed warrant the death sentence. So yes, when convicted they are going to hang.
      And let these hangings put the fear of God into the next wannabe tyrant.
      We don’t let any of these mother f-kers live that are trying to kill everyone of us right now.

  2. Yea I agree, this definitely seems like the time for a false flag. Things are going a little too smoothly for the resistance lately, whether it be the COVID mandates being lifted, the Canadian truck convoy with Trudeau hiding or the Ukraine conflict being resolved somewhat.

    Everything seems to be going a little too good lately. Something definitely seems phishy. This is usually the time the elites like to strike. Stay vigilant, people.

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