BREAKING: CBC threatened to sue Twitter if it refused to censor its enemies by Ian Miles Cheong

BREAKING: CBC threatened to sue Twitter if it refused to censor its enemies

On Thursday, Matt Taibbi, the journalist who published the first Twitter Files exposé, confirmed Rebel News’ reporting that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) exerted a pressure campaign on Twitter if Twitter didn’t censor the CBC’s enemies list. Taibbi published internal correspondence from Twitter showing that the CBC actually threatened to sue Twitter if it did not comply.

On Wednesday, Rebel News published exclusive documents showing that senior executives at the CBC engaged in a pressure campaign to force Twitter into censoring content and people the organization disapproved of. As previously detailed, the targets of this censorship campaign align with those that Trudeau has publicly criticized.

The documents, as shown on the Ezra Levant Show, reveal CBC president Catherine Tait making veiled threats against Twitter, insinuating that if the platform doesn’t ban the people the CBC wants silenced, the CBC might stop advertising on Twitter.

In the emails published by Taibbi, Claude Galipeau of the CBC sent a letter addressed to various Twitter employees, as well as CBC president Catherine Tait stating, “Hi, Please find attached a follow-up letter to an issue we raised with you on May 26 [2021].”

Internal correspondence between Michele Austin, who served as Twitter’s director of public policy for U.S. and Canada, and another executive, show that CBC threatened legal action against Twitter.

“We had our meeting with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) today. The attached letter also came in last night,” wrote Austin. “During the call (with Cam Gordon) and myself) the CBC threatened legal action so Cam and I ended the call.”

Cam Gordon served as Twitter’s head of communications for Canada.

“Action: Do we want to reply to this letter or should we just let it sit (I think we just let it sit),” wrote Austin. “Reminder I did escalate the case. UE case number on no violation: Customer Portal: UE-95053.”


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