BREAKING: Superintendent Karen Gagliardi and Assistant Superintendent Tracey Norman at Lakeland Central School District. in New York admitted to an undercover mom that they were aware of pornographic images that were distributed to students by seventh-grade teacher, Steve Trinkle.


The images included photos of n*ked women in sexual positions, a primate masturbating and a video discussing how crows will engage in sexuaI behavior. Another video reportedly told middle school-aged students that “the only thing that feels better than heavy petting and groping is sex.”

The teacher also reportedly made the students take personality tests that gave information regarding their romantic and sexual interests. Information about penis extenders, sex toys, arousal pills, and weight loss pills were also allegedly distributed to minors.

Worse, parents were allegedly unaware that their children were exposed to these horrific images. Instead of informing parents, the district allegedly called it a “technical issue”

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