Burglars Confess Crime During Pocket Dial 911 Call

ABC 13

ROSWELL, NM — It often takes time for police to nab a suspect. But sometimes, crooks can make it pretty easy for police to catch them, KOAT reported.

Some burglars in Roswell, New Mexico, accidentally reported their own crime to cops when investigators say one of the thieves somehow pocket dialed 911.  

“We should have gotten away with a lot more. But who cares? We got away safe,” one said.

To top it off, they stayed on the phone for 45 minutes. During the call the suspects could be heard talking about how they escaped the home they burglarized, while giving police the address.

At one point, the suspects jammed out to Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

Officers checked out the home and found it had, in fact, been burglarized. They were able to track the origin of the cell phone call and arrested three people.


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