Cain Wins Straw Poll, Police Attack Occupy Wall Street Protesters, The Revolution is Heating Up

Herman Cain wins the Florida Straw Poll.  I was wondering how the corporate elite would use their money to attempt to push Ron Paul from the top tier.  I guess they just cannot accept that when the 2012 election rolls around it is not going to matter whether Ron Paul becomes president as a Republican or an Independent.  Ron Paul is going to be our next president and no amount of fiat debt dollars can change that fact.  The elite’s bottom line is Ron Paul, the people, and the Constitution must be stopped at any cost.

Herman Cain is among the corporate elite.  He is a neo-con.  He is for the further transfer of wealth from the pockets of the middle class to the vaults of the rich.  If a filthy rich business man like Herman Cain presents a plan, any plan, you can bet it is 999 percent for the rich and the other one percent is to put billions of dollars into his own pocket as payment for services rendered to his corporate brethren and sisteren.

Cain tries to portray himself as an honest working man that climbed to the top.  No sale.  You do not go from rags to riches in the United States of America any more unless you join with the international corporate mafia and back stab, defraud, and steal your way to the top.  The fuel Ol’ Herman wants to put in his engine is literally the food from your children’s mouth, as it is the only wealth left that he can offer his Mafioso cohorts.

The Florida Straw Poll was bought and paid for and in no way represents the will of we the American people of the American race.  Our numbers will have their way, either through peaceful transition or a violent revolution for the restitution of our Republic under our Constitution.

And as for the elite out there, you accomplished nothing in Florida.  You are throwing corrupt money after corrupt money and it might be wiser to hang on to as much of your ill begotten gains as possible as you are going to need it while you are on the run.  Of course we are going to catch you, take our wealth back and punish you.  But the money you spend on the straw polls might decide whether we find you in a lush hotel in Brazil or a spider hole in Mexico.  Either way we are going to bring you to justice.

I have a message for the protesters in New York.  In judging from the videos I have seen, I believe the police are going to continue escalating their violence, so here are a few tips for the modern protester operating in a police state.  Your signs should be carefully constructed riot shields with words on them.  The poles on your signs should be clubs twice the length of a night stick.  The effects of tear gas are negated with a five dollar gas mask.  And those little fm walkie-talkies can work wonders in moving your people to keep them from being surrounded and gated in.  In short, don’t go to a bat fight armed with flowers and good thoughts.  The police in New York have made it clear.  They will break your bones and bleed you out for their corporate masters.

Another thing you should be taking with you to the streets is a recall petition for your police commissioner and all other city officials supporting the violence being perpetrated against you.  Remember, this is not a misunderstanding.  It is blatant, in your face treason, and odds are the revolution is going to go hot before it is all over.

You are taking up the front line in the cause.  Know that we support you by the tens of millions.  Just keep pushing and don’t back off.  Fight the best fight you can and when the violence reaches a fevered pitch you will see your people boil into the streets, the mountains, and the valleys.  We will crush these traitors and the violence perpetrated against you will not go unavenged.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Cain Wins Straw Poll, Police Attack Occupy Wall Street Protesters, The Revolution is Heating Up

  1. Great advice, Henry. Just one problem, the NYPD. Signs with hard poles are Not allowed, only card board tubing or light weight plastic. Also, No Masks of any kind. Rather ironic, since there seems to be no problem with our annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Last year there were over 60,000 costumed participants and over 2 million (many masked/costumed) on lookers lining the route.

    1. Angel,
      If it is going to come to a fight are these people just going to leave their weapons at home because their opponent tells them they can’t bring them? They are beating people for just walking down the street. And think about the very concept that the police can use tear gas on a citizen, but the citizen cannot use a gas mask. I suppose the protesters are just supposed to stand there and take the abuse.
      Here in Oregon a few years back a group of protesters handcuffed themselves together and sat down in a Congressman’s office waiting room. It showed on the news the next day these sick-o police dipping Q-tips in mace, holding the protesters eyelids open, and putting it on their eyeballs.
      There is only one way to fight fire and that is with fire. I say the protesters ignore the dictates of their enemies. Take the fight to the street and force the issue. If the protesters simply back down to violence they might as well go home, as nothing is going to be achieved.
      And again, they should have petitions going right now to have these police who have nothing but contempt for them removed.
      If the law says you should be a slave and you acquiesce, you are a slave. We have in this country the right to protect ourselves against any and all violence perpetrated against us. I hope the protesters will see this and act accordingly.

      1. I agree with you, Henry. However, these people aren’t going to do that. Yesterday, was all workshops on various arrest scenarios and how to respond peacefully.

  2. There should be to groups of protesters. Unarmed protesters group 1. And group 2 protesters should be armed in the background on stand by waiting for the police abuse to start. Publicly close them in!!!

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