Can Times Get Better In America Without A Major Crisis?

Personal Liberty – by Bob Livingston

There is war going on now between government and the American people. It’s being fought on many fronts. Only a few Americans are aware of the depth and breadth of what is happening, and fewer still are seriously concerned.

You knowledgeable readers of Personal Liberty® and consumers of non-fake news are outliers, making up only a small percentage of the American populace. The vast majority of Americans are unaware, and unaware that they are unaware. They are blown to and fro and easily excited over every fake meme and outrage making its way across social media and headlined on mainstream media outlets.  

Did you know that the U.S. has almost as many in prison as China and Russia combined?

The U.S. is a prosecuting attorney haven. What else would anyone expect with more lawyers in the U.S. than the rest of the world combined?

The American system of Justice (just us) is the modern version of the old Star Chamber. A Star Chamber is a system of entrapment that provides no escape. The accused is made to testify against himself and then punished upon confession of guilt.

American jurisprudence is just like the Star Chamber. All rules of evidence in the U.S. start with “pretrial discovery” or the deposition of the defendant. The defendant is sworn to tell the truth which necessarily includes confession and testimony against himself. If he refuses to testify (confess) he is arrested and jailed. If, on the other hand he answers the questions, he will sooner or later incriminate himself.

It is a crime to lie to federal agents (and even local police can charge you with obstruction of justice for lying), but it is not a crime for federal agents — or any investigative agent — to lie to you about any evidence he may or may not possess. In fact, they are trained to lie in order to attempt to extract from you a confession or to coerce you into incriminating yourself in a crime for which they did not even suspect.

The IRS entrapment system is the perfect example of the Star Chamber. If you don’t agree to testify (confession), the agent forces your tax return without benefit of deductions. The U.S. is especially aggressive in seeking tax prosecution cases.

America has many political prisoners. The “law” and the criminal code are used to go after anyone who will not conform.

Ninety-nine percent of all cases prosecuted go in favor of the government. Anyone thinking that they have constitutional rights in America need to know this before they go into court against the government. It is almost impossible to beat the king in his own court. He has an ever-full money sack, an army of investigators and lawyers and a sympathetic press at his discretion.

So yes, you are guilty! Believe me, anyone in America can be prosecuted on some tax or other nebulous pretext. There is a crime for all of us. Currently there are some 4,500 listed criminal offenses. These listed Federal offenses have exploded well beyond the statute books and into the morass of the Code of Federal Regulations, giving federal prosecutors thousands of additional vague, complex and technical prohibitions removed from congressional authority or any authority but the federal prosecutors themselves. People are targeted and a crime is found to fit.

As Harvey Silverglate writes in his book, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, it’s more than likely that every American commits at least three felonies every day just going about the normal, everyday task of living.

John Stuart Mill wrote in his classic work On Liberty, “Let us not flatter ourselves that we are yet free from the stain of legal persecution.” Oxford World Classics 1998 ed. pp34.

The government uses criminal law for political purposes. Oaths are imposed to twist people into self-prosecution.

The American press cannot be trusted to expose the truth. The national press is either part of the Central Intelligence Agency or is owned/controlled by the CIA and the Council on Foreign Relations. The national press is also in an incestuous relationship with both major political parties.

The few independent journalists who manage to make it to prominence must comply with established orthodoxy or be run out of town (see Sharyl Attkisson and Helen Thomas) so they are fearful and intimidated by the government. The press will only tell the government’s side of any issue.

Even though government is on the brink of collapse, no one will relinquish power.

Federal judges, as a whole, only rule in favor of the government. Few Americans are aware that the judiciary of the United States is accountable to no one. Thomas Jefferson was correct when he said the most ruthless, dishonest and dangerous segment in our government is the unaccountable judiciary.

Everything lies in their hands, from property values to the national wealth itself. When the rule of law becomes the self-interest of the state, nobody is safe. Your future is destroyed and your savings and assets are not secure.

When a Federal judge does not have any checks and balances to regulate his behavior, the very purpose of the rule of law is defeated.

There is no incentive to obey any law when prosecutors (prosecuting attorneys) and all judges have absolute immunity and when persons of privilege and stature are exonerated for wrongdoing that puts others under the prison (Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin). It does not matter if they are in direct conflict with the established law and the U.S. Constitution.

The government legal system forces pleas of guilty on threat of much larger sentences if one goes to trial. This, too, is our modern version of the old Star Chamber. You see, we don’t have to call it Star Chamber.

Federal, state and local police agencies have become branches of the military (the standing army the Founders feared), outfitted in full military garb and with all the weapons of war. They are trained with an us-versus-them mentality (many of them now come out of the Middle East wars) and respond to even the most minor of all incidents with overwhelming force.

Like judges and prosecutors, LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) enjoy qualified immunity. They are rarely held accountable when their actions lead to the death or injury of someone they suspect of being a criminal.  So any system or government agent immune from prosecution can never be wrong, and tyranny reigns. So it is government against the people, not government by the people.

The major parties and the press — aided by foreign money (George Soros) — are also fomenting civil war among the masses. These battles are breaking out in cities across the nation under the guise of protests against offensive speech or ideology and defense of free speech.

But the participants are largely paid actors who are working to incite the populace against itself. What we are witnessing is the Hegelian Dialectic or synthesis, of creating a new order or thesis.

The U.S. is past the point of no return. Even though the system is stained with blood, it will not and it cannot self-correct. And certainly it will not through the political process, which only rearranges the deck chairs. It will have to totally collapse.

So to answer the original interrogative: Can times get better in America without a major crisis?

Not possible!

We must go through the fire to wipe the slate clean. I hope you are prepared. If you are, I will meet you on the other side and together we can rebuild a free nation.

One thought on “Can Times Get Better In America Without A Major Crisis?

  1. Sad, but so true, commentary.

    It is amazing to be one of the few that comprehend the situation, thanks to Henry.

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