Canadian soldier shot at Ottawa War Memorial; shots fired on Parliament Hill

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A uniformed Canadian soldier has reportedly been shot the War Memorial in Ottawa. Police are on the scene.

CPR was performed on the soldier and he has been transported to hospital by ambulance.

Police have told reporters that the suspect, reportedly carrying a “large weapon,” possibly a shotgun or rifle, is still on the loose, and the parliament buildings are on lockdown. Prime Minister is safe and “off the hill.”

6 thoughts on “Canadian soldier shot at Ottawa War Memorial; shots fired on Parliament Hill

  1. Check for evidence of a false flag — not saying it is one, but you never know. Capture video from today’s newsfeeds, articles, etc. Look for eerie similarity in how divers “news” outlets write up the story.

  2. Agreed, was thinking the same. Canada is a hotbed for commies and is infiltrated with zionists. PM Harper is blatant and open with his support for zionist aggression.

  3. They want the Canadians’ guns. Also there is reference to a shooting in a mall with 200 shops. Much has been said about there being a mall shooting imminent.

  4. No blood is visible in any of pictures of shot soldier seems fishy to me considering on of the suspects had a shotgun

  5. MSNBC reporting suspects wearing bandanas with Arabic script.
    all the more reasons Canadians should keep their guns.
    speaking of script…

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