Canadians Visit Sandy Hook, Astounding Revelations!

PD_0025Before It’s News – by Mark Brander

Two Canadians found things were not quite right when they went to Newtown to ask some questions. Here are a few excerpts, their entire account can be read at the memory hole blog.


Gene Rosen lives next door to the fire house. Thus Ms. Victoria Soto’s students that landed on Mr. Rosen’s yard had to come down Dickenson Drive and turn right, passing the fire house, to get to Mr. Rosen’s. A lady at the Rosen house would not answer the door when I knocked.

We then went to the offices of The Newtown Bee, the community’s  weekly newspaper, where we spoke with the editor, Mr. Curtis Clark. Mr. Clark did not offer a warm reception and stated from the start that they were concentrating the paper’s efforts on healing efforts and that he had little time. I told him I was there to follow up on The Bee’s report that stated, in part, “A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.” I asked who this officer was, and why he was in the woods.Mr. Clark told me that there was a number of “conspiracy theories floating around” and “some of them even suggest that the shooting didn’t even happen.” Furthermore, “ debunks many of these conspiracy theories.”

I told Clark I was familiar with Snopes, but it was The Bee that reported that this was an off duty officer prancing about in the woods on the day of the shooting. Clark would not address this report and became very agitated with me “interrogating” him. “I don’t intend to discuss this any further with you,” he said. Mr. Clark then referred me to the Newtown Police for any additional questions. As I was walking out of the office I overheard a lady on the phone explaining to a caller that “there is an ongoing investigation,” and referring the caller to

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14 thoughts on “Canadians Visit Sandy Hook, Astounding Revelations!

  1. I don’t see any astounding revelations here, other than the original authors complaining about twisting the article into something it never was (you have to follow the links for that)….but I’ve always been suspicious about the “beforeitsnews” crew anyway.

    1. No, and you won’t either, JR. The reason I posted this originally, (this is the 2nd posting) was specifically for that info relating to the Iroqoius Gas Co., which apparently the author is now claiming
      wasn’t part of the original article, but was added on by BIN.


  2. snopes??? george soros funded snopes? the mom and pop website with no previous investigative history is the bees official go to source??

    1. ” george soros funded snopes”
      So Jaydi, do you have any proof this is true?
      You make an accusation, typical of the right wingnuts, without evidence.
      Now we can wait for your proof, as I have for years from the other winguts I know who stated the same thing, which will be a loooooong long time.
      Or precisely: NEVER!
      Yes, it is odd for a newspaper to deflect its duties to a website. The guy from the Bee should have answered the questions.
      Actually, is held in much higher esteem than the Bee, or any other media outlet. being a mom and pop operation is not a problem. It is actually much better than the corporate goo that passes itself off as journalism.
      Do you prefer mom and pop restaurants or the Hardee’s, Denny’s, IHOP, etc.?

      1. Big Jay, I don’t know about proof on the Soros link and don’t have time to look. But, there have been many times that Snopes has flat out lied about the truth. So, it is a matter of truth told without lies. Not, whether it is a mom and pop, or MSM. A lie is a lie. Simple as that! I am not going to show the proof that they have lied, do your own research. Like my parents would say when I asked a question… “Look it up”

  3. I heard Larry Pratt on the Dr Stan Monteith show last week say that Gun Owners of America were going to send their own investigators down to Sandy Hook to do a little investigating. That would be nice.

    1. Smilardog, I met Stan Monteith at ConspiracyCon 2012 last june in Santa Clara, CA.
      I talked with him for a few minutes after his presentation, and had a couple of photos taken. A highly intelligent man, and very well-spoken.

      1. Yeah, That is awesome!!! I would love to meet the man. I have been listening to him for years also. He has quite a bit of good qaulityh guest on his show too. Never know what subject they are going to be talking about.
        I have been wanting to get his book Brotherhood of Darkness, but I keep forgeting to order it when I have extra money.

        They are having a really big prophesy conference in Colorado Springs this July and he is going to be there too, along with a bunch of other high profile truth speakers. we will be at our CO cabin for the summer so I am trying to talk my wife into going to it

        1. I don’t have any of his books. What I do have is at least six or seven of his dvds, Brotherhood of Darkness included. The man is an outstanding researcher, absolutely one of my favorite sources.

          1. I am watching The Brotherhood of Darkness right now! I forgot their was a video. I have seen it before but, if I remember right I fell a sleep last time, haha

            The Brotherhood of Darkness

  4. Snopes has been a Zionist disinformation asset right from the start. I discovered that back in 2001 when they “debunked: the notion that 4,000 Jews had not been to work on the WTC towers the day of the terrorist attacks. Snopes still claims that it is not true that no Jews went to work in the WTC towers that fatidic day. Yet it’s true that no Jews went to work on 9-11 and thus saved their lives.

  5. It’s really a shame you can’t file an FOI request on The Bee. You can, however, file an FOI request on the Newtown Police! And also with other Government bodies who responded to the incidents on that day!

    I would dearly love to cross-examine Mr Curtis Clark on a witness-stand under oath! Usually when people refuse to discuss something and get all haughty (he’s the editor of a local newspaper, for heaven’s sake!) it’s because they’re covering up. He could easily have said “Oh that guy was from Danbury-Bethel joint Rapid-Response Police Task Force-something-or-other and his name was Sgt Joe Bloggs, why not just give them a call; they should be able to help you?”

    He claims to be about “healing” and closure, but how can this occur if facts of the incidents are being witheld? You can’t heal the effects of a tragedy by covering up the details!

    Perhaps the trick would be to just confront the guy, force him to call some authorities and make a “case” out of it, and then the details would have to come out, since what you were confronting him about would be part of the case! That he can say that questions about a story that his own paper published amount to a “conspiracy theory” is simply absurd! Asking: What was the name of the policeman? What force was he with? Who was the source? All are perfectly reasonable questions.

    I wonder if anyone might be able to have legal “standing” to charge certain people with a cover-up, and subpoena them? Would someone have to be a resident of Newtown? Would someone have to have lost a child, or could anyone do it?

  6. I read this article posted elsewhere and it seemed kinda hokey…
    But, I was just thinking – what if s/h was scheduled to be an active shooter drill and A/L was let in the front door by the principal, thinking he was part of the drill…He starts shooting real rounds, maybe there are other “shooters” popping blanks all over the school. In the confusion when A/L is discovered actually shooting people – he gets shot by the other “shooters” who then attempt to flee the scene or surrender when police arrive. Could this maybe explain why there were others arrested at the scene, who we never heard of again? Wasn’t there a report that one was saying he didn’t do it?

    1. So far we have not seen ONE shred of credible proof that ANYONE was actually killed at Sandy Hoax, or that Adam Lanza was even there. The only report I saw of anyone saying they didn’t do it, was that of Ryan Lanza, who was initially accused, until he Twittered and apppeared on Fakebook, claiming he was at work when it happened, and was currently riding on a bus as as the story unfolded.

      Total hoax, I’m sayin’.

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