Capitol Police Request National Guard Remain for Additional Two Months

Yahoo News

U.S. Capitol Police have requested that the National Guard continue to deploy service members at the Capitol for at least two months, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

The request is currently being reviewed by the Pentagon, defense officials told the AP. Representative Elissa Slotkin (D., Mich.) said that the request was made within the past 36 hours.

“We want to understand what the plan is,” Slotkin said. “None of us like looking at the fencing, the gates, the uniformed presence around the Capitol. We can’t depend on the National Guard for our security.”

The news comes after the House decided to cancel its session on Thursday due to a potential security threat. Capitol Police warned on Wednesday of a “possible” plot by an unspecified militia group to attack the building.

National Guard members have been deployed at the Capitol since a mob of supporters of President Trump stormed the building in early January, injuring dozens of police officers. The Capitol is currently surrounded by fencing to prevent intrusions.

“Decisions about security are made by the security leadership here and we’ll see what that ask is,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) told reporters regarding the request to extend the National Guard presence. “We should have them here as long as they are needed.”

Slotkin said that despite the decision to cancel the Thursday House session, she would be working from her office at the Capitol.

“I’m not going to let these guys scare me away,” Slotkin said.

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