10 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. “I thought of some great new gun control laws after I ingested these! …..and having my stomach pumped and being put on life support. Who says brain damaged individuals can’t make common sense gun control laws?!”

  2. “It ain’t a D, but I’ll put it in my mouth anyways. After that, I’ll have a tantrum over how I want to give up your Rights.”

  3. Go ahead, eat them! Dumb ass! I hope your butt is planted on the can for the next two weeks. While I’m at it, stay the hell away from my daughter and my house or you just might learn what being sorry is all about!

    1. Funny how much better a bowl or plate full of carbs (grains w/ glyphos (herbicide for better “handling”), & GMO corn-sugar) is now taken to be so much healthier! I’ll have the high blood sugar & diabetes instead thanks! Ha! Will we ever believe the proteins & limited fats are better? I have to wonder.
      Bernays might have gotten it right for the wrong reasons (propaganda).

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