CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Store Owner Lights up Trio of Armed Robbers with AR-15

Controversial Times – by Hunter Roosevelt

Three armed robbers met a store owner armed with an AR-15 and left with gunshot wounds aplenty. And it was all caught on camera.

“The persons who tried to break into his store that night not only intended to steal but I think they intended to kill him,” attorney John Schiro

Surveillance footage shows the robbers using a stolen van to ram through concrete pillars in front of the store. Having already had an employee shot during an armed robbery last year, store owner Rami Murrar responded by arming himself with his AR-15 rifle.  

0728F2“When Mr. Murrar saw these fellows, he immediately, because he saw they were armed, and that they saw him, and they were really making eye contact like ‘Are you really going to come in?’ He momentarily didn’t realize that his pistol was right there. He went into the back room and got the rifle that he used,” Schiro said.

One of the armed robbers, identified by police as 21-year-old Deishun Byrd-Mcway was shot multiple times. His accomplices dumped him in front of a nearby hospital where he was treated before being arrested.

Byrd-Mcway is refusing to cooperate with police.


“Rami is not going to let them chase him out. His store has security 24 hours a day, and they’re going to defend themselves and their property and their employees,” Schiro said.

10 thoughts on “CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Store Owner Lights up Trio of Armed Robbers with AR-15

  1. he should have waited until they all got inside , then lit them all up and not sent any of them to a hospital , but to their eternal dirt nap

    good job though anyways

  2. “He momentarily didn’t realize that his pistol was right there.”

    Depending what type of pistol it was, he might have done more damage (possibly fatal) with that.

    1. Yep. I’m waiting to hear all of the gun control advocates come out and say he was posing “reckless endangerment” and “incited violence and murder” rather than calling the police (who would have gotten there long after he would have been robbed and left for dead) or that his weapon wasn’t registered or he used it improperly. Anything to take the gun away from the good guy and to make an example of him, “for our security”, of course.

      Hope I’m wrong, but that’s usually how it goes.

  3. The AR15/M4Carbine is a good little rifle for your wife or daughter . But if you want to kill attackers first shot and shoot threw iron bars like in this video buy a AK 47 and run 154grain soft points or buy a battle rifle in 308 win , 22 caliber weapons are for girls real men use 30 caliber or larger .

      1. Are you sure about the body armor penetration? From what I’ve read, with the mass and velocity of that bullet they would easily penetrate Lvl 1/2 body armor. That round has greater kinetics (total energy) than the 5.56 rifle round (similar velocity, but more mass). Seems that whatever the 5.56 would penetrate, so would a 308.

        Don’t see elk hunters using a 5.56, but you WILL see a lot of .308 or .30-06 (largely the same in kinetics).

        1. Its a feet per second thing. The 55gr has enough mass to work AND the velocity is much greater than any 308/7.62. It acts like a water jet and punches through. A 40gr is faster but does not have the mass to keep its velocity through the plate.
          The steel plate armor shown is designed to stop a 30cal round(it shows that in the video). Its rated for 2800fps max.

          Side note.
          A .22wmr (mag) has the velocity and mass to penetrate IIIa, which is that soft “bullet proof” vest the cops wear.

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