2 thoughts on “The Century of the Self (Full Documentary)

    1. Hi Mark:

      Actually,… this video is about the exact opposite, so, incorrect once again.

      To help out your comprehension limitations – this video is about how satisfying SELFISH wants and needs, is used for mass manipulation – based on Freud’s and Bernay’s axioms.

      The US Marines is about being completely SELFLESS,… up to and including risking your life to produce benefits that will be enjoyed by others, which unfortunately includes people who use the façade of religious beliefs to control and manipulate people.

      You may wish to watch a video, before posting a comment about its content so as not to appear fool-hearty, or at the very least, be able to try and disguise an intentional insult a little better as a subject matter comment.

      Also, if you wish to try and use the purview of a documentary on mass population control, as an excuse to insult the Selfless-Dedication US Marines, I suggest you do it elsewhere,… it is not warranted, appreciated, or tolerated here.

      JD – US Marines – To see how the noblest intent of US Marines (and servicemen in general) is perverted without their knowledge or consent, refer to the writings of General Smedley Butler, he does a fair job of explaining that subject.


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