8 thoughts on “Trump’s New World Order

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Sounds like its getting time for a, “…catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pear Harbor…” event,….. AGAIN.

    Emergency Broadcast System – Steady Tone Sound:

    Please stand-by,… you are about to experience another massive Gov’t Black-Op attack here in the US!

    JD – US Marines – Don’t you love how the scum-bag Zionist-jews are running this country??


  2. Yep always has been, we know it’s all BS, their playing for time & trying to get all the phony patriot conservatives to endear themselves to this Trump creature…! Same game being played throughout history…and the goyim sheep keep falling for it…!

  3. If the powers that be blow something up, then get Toby Kieth and Alan Jackson sing about sending your babies to war, the good old boys will get all sentimental and sign up.
    But worry not, the leftist who were silent while Obama bombed the stuffing out of the Middle East will be out protesting in full force with all their rebel without a clue antics….
    Don’t ya love the left/right paradigm? What pisses me off is people in our camp buying into this Trump BS with what has amounted to little more then cheap words and rhetoric, I thought our side was smarter then that.

  4. Well of course it was and still is just another dog-and-pony-show, knew it all along! I just wish all the folks out here (which is most of ’em) that voted for Trump only because they couldn’t stand Hillary would stop falling for the same ol’ dog-and-pony-show! (Or at least, listen once again to the final line of the Who’s classic “Won’t Get Fooled Again”) If even my own daughter–who is a millennial but is not snowflake!–wasn’t fooled by Trump (she did not vote, period) and if even my own 83 year old TV watching 24/7 mother-in-law wasn’t fooled, folks have no excuses to be fooled by this mother! When he called for the Israelis to move their capital to Jerusalem and when he called (not literally, but actually) for the destruction of the Palestinian people, that was just the tip of the iceberg for me–and now he wants to do the will of False Prophet Hagee and put politics into church services so the Christian Zionists can really ramp up their “end times rapture” nonsense, and call for Palestinian genocide.

    God is cursing this godless nation indeed (just like He’s been cursing godless Israel).

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