Cereal Killer Documentary – GMO and the Chemical Industry

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Vatic Note:  What shocked me, that I did not know, until this article, was that most cereal companies are owned by chemical companies and bioengineering companies.  No wonder its bad all over. How are we going to get around this problems?  Well, find local farmers who are still doing heritage or hybrid non GMO wheat, rice, and other grains, (or get heritage seeds yourself and grow your own grains) and then begin making our own cereals.  

We used to do it and we can do it again.  One thing this has taught us and that is when you give up responsibility for your own health to companies without integrity who have no social conscience and no sense of being a “good citizen” of a community it serves, then its time for us to pull back,  do not buy their products and begin growing and making our own foods again.  Its the only way.  Those that are rich, can go ahead and do their thing and make money and we will outlive them.

This documentary is a good start for massive exposure to the world at large about what is going on in every area of our survival life, food, water, and air.  Now we get to decide how we want to deal with it.  Its always been up to us… its why they tell us everything they do in advance, so we can decide and when we do, we become responsible for the outcome, not them.  That is how they see it.

Synopsis – Cereal Killer Documentary
by admin, cereal Killer Blog


Cereal Killer explores breakfast cereals, the marketing, the health issues and future of the industry and how it affects everyday families.

As busy parents, time seems to shrink in the early mornings when we are getting ready for work and trying to feed our children. The majority of us reach for a colourful box of food stuff that we can empty out and pour milk over to make an efficient meal to start the day.

We already know about the high-sugar levels of cereals and favour the healthy, granola-whole-grain-cholesteral-redudcing-good-for-you cereals that we see on TV. But what most parents do not know is that these healthy cereals can be one of the most dangerous meals of the day.

Cereal Killer uncovers what the industry does not want you to know.

They spend hundreds of millions of dollars to suggest that their cereal is more tasty, better for you, and a healthy choice for you and your children. Behind all the marketing speak and the high-energy mascots is a darker, more sinister root.

The ingredients making up breakfast cereals are owned and operated by chemical companies along with bioengineering laboratories and corporations. These companies have a stranglehold on farming, organic and green choices as well as government legislation.

Cereal Killer exposes the corporate greed and government corruption behind every major cereal brand. Conflict arises when scientific studies are twisted to fit an agenda that corporations use to lobby government policy, and used to sensationalize news media. Farmers, at the heart of the production of cereal, are forced to do as the corporations say, or else face lawsuits or extinction.

Each one of the participants, farmer, factory, grocer and consumer come into conflict with one another.

Our target audience is mothers aged 20-35 and families with younger children as well as health conscience individuals who have been eating cereal as a healthy alternative to a traditional breakfast.

The debate over Organic Foods as well as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), is reaching a fevered pitch and many families are very concerned about our food sources.

Recently, General Mills’ Cheerios Facebook Page has been hijacked by individuals concerned about GMOs in one of America’s favourite cereal brands. Other social media sites have also been taken over by a vocal public creating a public relations nightmare for the corporations.

California’s Proposition 37 brought record numbers of individuals aware of the growing concern about GMOs and food safety. Even though the prop was voted down (some say it was election fraud perpetrated by food corporations) the message spread across the United States and the world.

90% of Cereals on the market today have GMO ingredients as well as toxic chemicals, additives, and colours sourced from overseas locations such as China.

We are traveling across Canada and the United States and visiting Cereal City, USA to document the closure of Cereal Production Plants that have moved to places such as Mexico.

We’ll speak to families directly affected by the outsourcing of our food supply. We’ll also examine the safety concerns about outsourcing Cereal Plants as a new wave of recalls from the Food and Drug Administration has hit the news.

Mom’s will never look at breakfast in the same way again and we hope to help inform the viewer and allow them to make the right choice for their own family.

Stay Tuned.


2 thoughts on “Cereal Killer Documentary – GMO and the Chemical Industry

  1. Most nearly all Grains grown in America today are GMO.
    Wheat Soy and Oats are the worst offenders……..These GMO products are in 99% of all food sources on the grocery shelves. Many items listed as Organic may well be grown without pesticides….but they are still GMO products.

    Even sandwich bread is bad in so many ways the average person could not begin to imagine.
    The grains we consume now aren’t anything like what the nutritious foods our Grandparents ate.
    If you “grow your own” as many of us do,…choose your seeds with caution…be sure they are Heirloom or your just pissin in the wind

    1. Any way you slice it, oldvet, they’ve toxified just about everything we eat these days.

      That’s why I take all the health products I do, to continually flush the toxins from my system.

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