Chelsea Clinton: Hillary will make the ‘right decision’ about running for president

Fusion – by Alicia Menendez Tonight and Brett LoGiurato

Chelsea Clinton won’t spill the beans on when or if her mother might officially enter the 2016 campaign for president.

“You know, I’m so grateful my mom is my mom and I’m her daughter,” Chelsea told Fusion’s Alicia Menendez on Saturday, during the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative University in Miami. “And I know she’s always made the right decisions for herself in our family and in our country. And I don’t know what she’s going to decide. But whatever it is, it will be the right decision for her and for all of us.”  

The meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative comes at a time when the family’s foundation is under scrutiny for accepting millions of dollars in foreign donations while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. The situation has created some turbulence around what observers consider a likely presidential bid. Clinton has also faced criticism this week about her use of a private email address while she was secretary of state.

But on Saturday Chelsea Clinton defended her mother and her family’s foundation, which she says has always “addressed and answered” all concerns over conflicts of interest.

“I believe that historically, all of those possible conflicts have been addressed and answered,” the youngest member of the Clinton family said. “And we will have to continue to do that in the future to ensure that we are able to do the work that we are called to do and with the right partners along the way.”

She pointed to “No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project,” a partnership with Melinda Gates that Clinton said would aggregate “the most data ever around the status of women and girls across the world.”

Late last month, news emerged that the Clinton Foundation received foreign donations while Hillary served as secretary of state. In one instance, the foundation acknowledged, it may have violated an ethics agreement with the Obama administration by failing to report an “unsolicited” $500,000 donation from the government of Algeria following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

This weekend in Miami, at the program’s CGI University event, came more big news for the Initiative. On Friday, former President Bill Clinton confirmed that Donna Shalala, his former secretary of health and human services under before she was president of the University of Miami, would take over as the head of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Chelsea Clinton celebrated the announcement, calling Shalala a “dynamic leader.”

“If you’ve talked to anyone at the University of Miami, if you talk to the students, if you talk to the trustees, if you talk to the faculty, she’s universally respected for being such a strong, dynamic leader,” Clinton told Menendez. “I know that my parents loved working with her throughout the ’90s. And I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with her as we look to work the Clinton foundation into a stronger future.”

Fusion’s full interview with Chelsea Clinton will air this Tuesday, March 10, on “Alicia Menendez Tonight” at 7 p.m., ET.

7 thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton: Hillary will make the ‘right decision’ about running for president

  1. “You know, I’m so grateful my mom is my mom and I’m her daughter,”

    We know that. We also know Webb Hubbell is your father and your psychopathic jooess mother is more than likely to be the next appointed “president” so stop with the theatrics.

  2. Oh thank goodness, everyone!

    Chelsea says Hitlery (her mommy) will make the right decision about running for president. The daughter of Hitlery has spoken (I feel like I’m living under a monarch) and all is well now…..Because you know, we all listen to what Chelsea says. I mean she has about as much credibility and backing as a Kardashian cockroach on a wall.

    Unfrigginbelievable…. 🙄

    Hitlery is beyond pathetic.

  3. Oh goody, Chelsea for VP, Supreme Court, Senator from NY. Bill for Sec of State. Let’s have a clean sweep and install the Adams…err, Clinton family.Joe Biden as Uncle Fester, Kerry as Lurch. This could actually be fun..Not.

  4. “You know, I’m so grateful my mom is my mom and I’m her daughter,”

    So I guess that means you’re an evil bitch too, Chelsea. (in addition to being ugly)

  5. NC that’s a good name for Hillary. Hitlery. Hitlery where are those emails you sent while sitting in a plane with your sunglasses on. Was ambassador Stevens a sacrificial lamb in one of your emails. Let him find his own way home.

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