Chemtrails in March…

20160313 #1

So far this month, here in Phoenix, the bastards have sprayed us for 14 days straight.  More often than not, spraying to the point of blocking out the sun.  I’ve had a sinus infection and sore throat/ear ache for a week now.

20160313 #2

It started out yesterday, day 13 of this sh*t, like they were going to give us a break. After all, we had FOX Sports here covering the NASCAR race and I guess they wanted to make a good showing of the weather. Of course, the first chemtrails started appearing at approx 3:30pm.  The race and coverage were all done with and off of the air by 4pm.

20160313 #3

And by 7 pm our blue sky looked like these pictures…

20160313 #4

Today, day 14, a quick step outside at 10am, it looks like they are tuning up to do it yet again.

20160314 #1

And that IS the word from the petri dish.


4 thoughts on “Chemtrails in March…

  1. I would like to see your photos NWO, im in Co and ours are every day, and most days Tic Tac Toe game, i spread the word all i can. I follow and My friends hsbnd is a pilot and they refuse to believe me so i wonder if pilots are brainwashed!

  2. Yep, they’ve been spraying pretty frequently here in Dallas this past week. I still can’t believe people don’t look up and notice the obvious streak of haze in a clear blue sky that slowly blocks out the sun and turns the sky gray for no reason. For some reason, they really think the clouds (or chemtrail haze) just came out of nowhere from a far off direction.


    Stop staring at your stupidphones and LOOK UP FOR ONCE, YOU FRIGGIN’ IDIOTS!!! 😡

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