Chetco Bar Fire Updates 8/29


View of Thomas Creek Bridge North of Brookings, Oregon – Chetco Bar Fire – Photo credit to Billy Neros

We live about 2/3rds of the way up from the bridge to the hill in back 

Jan Barbas

2 hrs

Today’s (Tuesday August 29) official smoke forecast from Inciweb (note that they are now calling the fire 5% contained elsewhere):

Smoke: Light onshore flow has drifted smoke out of coastal areas and Eastward this morning. Brookings-Harbor, GoldBeach, Agness and Cave Junction have seen a reprieve in smoke impacts where Moderate conditions exist. Inland in the Grants Pass region, heavy smoke impacts remain. Through the day, smoke will continue to drift North and East as well down into local valleys close to active fires. Agness should see conditions degrade to Unhealthy this evening. Brookings, GoldBeach and Cave Junction conditions are expected to degrade to Unhealthy tonight. Provolt and Grants Pass will remain in the Unhealthy range. Regionally, upper elevation SW winds will drift smoke from Chetco Bar and other fires again North toward Washington. Medford and Ashland smoke outlook please see this link:…/2017/MillerComplex…

Fire: Fire activity continues to be high as critical burn conditions remain. Majority of smoke production is on the Eastern half of the fire. The fire is currently at 125,271 acres burned and is 0% contained.

Other: Brookings smoke monitor was relocated and is back online. We are working to install a smoke monitor for GoldBeach today.

Jan Barbas shared a link.

2 hrs

Incident: Chetco Bar Fire Wildfire
Released: 1:13 hrs. ago
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Chetco Bar Fire Update – August 29

Weather and Fire Behavior: The trend of warm overnight temperatures and poor humidity recovery has set the Chetco Bar Fire up for another active fire day on Tuesday. Humidity levels are expected to begin climbing this afternoon. Ridgetop temperatures could reach the 90s. Fire burning in the tops of single trees and groups of trees is anticipated, with the potential for embers to fly up to 0.4 miles ahead of the fire. There is a high potential for large fire growth in areas where wind and terrain align.

Yesterday: While shading from smoke helped moderate fire activity Monday, it also presented challenges to aerial attack due to poor visibility. In the afternoon, smoke cleared enough that helicopters were able to work the northwest edge of the fire to support of crews and heavy equipment. The most active burning occurred in the EmilyCreek drainage, the East Fork of the PistolRiver and along the eastern flank in the Kalimiopsis Wilderness.

Today: Reported 5% containment is on the fire’s west edge. Crews will continue scouting for and constructing primary and alternate containment lines and setting up hose-lays and water sources to be used in securing those lines. Constructed fireline includes a mix of line directly along the edge of the fire and some that is further from the fire’s edge in strategic locations. Firefighters will scout for and build direct and indirect lines along the north and east perimeter.
The risk to the Brookings area has diminished enough that larger structural engines are no longer needed. Chetco Bar Fire’s Unified Command continues to utilize structural task forces that have the smaller engines. Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office is working on a re-engagement plan with local fire departments and districts to be prepared with structural resources should conditions change. Additional structural resources will be demobilized as the threat to structures diminishes. Our mission to protect the community and surrounding area remains the same.

120 National Guard firefighters are coming to assist with mop up operations on the fire’s western perimeter.
Evacuations/Closure Information: Residences within parts of the Level 3 evacuation zone starting at the junction of Shady Lane and South Bank Chetco Road east, and including Freeman Rock and Salmon Run Golf Course have been reduced to a Level 2 Evacuation.

Information on Chetco Bar Fire Update – August 29

Jan Barbas

6 hrs

Quick fire update this morning, Tuesday August 29, then
I need to be out and about for a bit. The fire has grown to 125,271 ac as of last night’s IR flight at about 9:45 pm. Growth is in the same areas as yesterday, mostly the upper Chetco and towards the Illinois, some near Hog Mtn and some near Mt Emily.

Air in town cleared yesterday afternoon, and the air quality monitor stayed on line tonight. Air quality remains good at the last reading as I write this in the early morning hours.

The fire weather report says fire weather was bad over most of the fire last night, and will continue so today, but then they are predicting a stronger marine layer and quieter conditions beginning this evening.

Warren Schifini

37 mins

The 747 jets for borate bombers of the Global Super Tanker Company were approved by the National Forest Service today. So we can expect to see 944 and 947 in the air soon. This was reported by NORCAL Fireweather facebook page this morning. CAL Fire issued the contract to the Global Super Tanker Company after the USFS approval. Not sure if they can operate in the Kalmiopis (sic) Wilderness area. We will watch and see. This had been pending since 2015.

Joan Konzek Can’t imagine a 747 used in Brookings. Have flown on those many times between here and Alaska and would think that low level flying couldn’t happen especially with the terrain here. Takes them forever and a day to get up to altitude and twice as long to land. Eeks.

Warren Schifini They need an 8000 foot runway to land and take off. Redding or Medford would probably be where they will come and go from. They were at Beal Air Force Base near Marysville for some of their tests.

Dena Nickell Medford airport is 8,800 by 150 feet wide….

Here is a recent photo of the fire. Brookings town & Port are by the ocean
We live near the top of the first hill that Brookings is at the bottom of, but we are off screen about 5 miles to the left of Brookings. The fire has burned over the second hill to the east (inland) and is working toward the north fork of the Chetco river which is in the valley between the second ridge and the first ridge.  You can see the smoke from the fires burning down the ridge toward the ocean. The second smaller settlement by the ocean left of Brookings is either the mill or Dawson Tract. Carpenterville road takes off uphill to the left of the mill and goes up 6 miles to Joan’s house.

August 27 at 9:00pm ·

Still a beautiful coastline! I love living here! (size of the fire noted by the smoke)

6 thoughts on “Chetco Bar Fire Updates 8/29

  1. That’s scary stuff, looks like hell on earth, I hope the best for everyone effected. You would think the logging industry might have an interest in putting out those fires, I guess not, what gross mismanagement, these fires need to be addressed full force right away but just as seen in AZ they let it get out of hand every time, heads should roll in my opinion.

  2. This fire is from a lightning strike. It was reported to the forest service on July 12th when it was only 1/4 acre in size. The forest service let it burn ever since July 12th. They took over a river campground and “studied” the fire as it grew. The hot dry “Chetco Winds” on the 19-20th of August blew it west into the current 130,000 acre conflagration. It has burned over 10,000 acres of private timber land managed by South Coast Timber company. They are fighting the fire aggressively once it got on their land. The forest service ripped out and closed USFS roads. The Timber company maintained their roads. The timber company is the hero here and the forest service is the major arsonist and mass murderer of wildlife.
    I agree heads should roll…

  3. “NOW THAT’S A FIRE!!!”

    Sorry, it was there. Had to use it.
    Stay safe, GrayRider. Bug the hell out of there if you have to.

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