Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland, and Abroad: An Eyewitness Comes Forward and Names her Torturers


A survivor of a high-level ring involving child sacrifice, torture and trafficking went public today in an exclusive disclosure and interview with Freedom Central’s Mel Ve and ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett.

Toos Nijenhuis, a fifty four year old physiotherapist and mother of five from Holland, was tortured, raped and used experimentally from the age of four years old by wealthy and powerful men around the world, including top officials of churches and governments.

And, Nijenhuis claims, these crimes are continuing today, including the ritual sacrifice of children in rural Holland.

On May 7, Ms. Nijenhuis accompanied Kevin Annett, Mel Ve and other investigators to a forested site near to Zwolle where such child murders took place as recently as November, 2010, according to Ms. Nijenhuis.

Among the perpetrators who are named in these crimes and who allegedly assaulted Toos Nijenhuis are Prince Bernhard of Holland, who was the grandfather of the newly-crowned Dutch King Alexander, and a founder of the Bilderberger Group; Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, and members of the British Royal Family.

These assaults occurred in Holland, Scotland, and a military experimental base in Melbourne, Australia, where Toos was subjected to what appears to be pain threshold and behaviour modification experiments. She also witnessed the torture and murder of other children.

In response to Toos Nijenhuis’ horrific revelations, a Dutch-based group was formed on May 7 in Zwolle to investigate and prosecute child traffickers and ritual child sacrifice.

In conjunction with Ms. Nijenhuis, Freedom Central, the ITCCS and others, this new group will launch a Common Law Court case into these crimes during the coming year. Key alleged perpetrators will be publicly named and issued a Summons to appear before the Court.

Stay tuned for more information on this campaign.

2 thoughts on “Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland, and Abroad: An Eyewitness Comes Forward and Names her Torturers

  1. Here in the UK, this sort of thing has been running unchecked for a long, long time with some very high up establishment figures involved in some disturbing and atrocious practices and it is only now that the surface is being scratched with the exposure of several celebrities.

    The MP Tom Watson has alluded to recently an establishment level paedophile ring and of course the media has brushed on this several times, if you consider that Margaret Hodge (read M Oppenheimer, cousin to the Rothschilds and son of a Jew industrialist who didn’t suffer a bit under Hitler) helped 33 of Britain’s most wanted paedophiles to evade justice.

    Tony Blair oversaw the burying of the Mark Trotter debacle, where the latter now dead infected over 500 children with HIV and he was very much a friend to Blair who ordered the guillotining of the media when it came to light.

    Britain is the only nation that steals children for profit, nearly a hundred thousand children are languishing in care, taken from their families over crystal ball pseudo science, parents in Britain have no need to actually commit a crime or act in a way to become a risk to children, social workers are past masters at stealing children on little or no evidence at all and their opinion alone is equal to evidence in the secret family courts, many of these children have been placed deliberately into childrens homes for the purveyance of elite paedophiles, recently it was exposed in Rochdale and Rotherham where social workers were running their children as their pimps and these children were being sold out to asian gangs in these cities where most were ritually gang raped for years.

    Other countries are picking up on how Britain does things and looking at making money out of it as well, don’t ever trust a social worker as they are scum over here in the UK, they stole both my grandsons because they said my eldest daughter was too “thick” to be a parent.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your two grandsons. Is there any way at all they will be reunited with you? There seems to be such a huge evil market for our little ones. 🙁

      . . .

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