Missouri Welcomes Gun Manufacturers to Missouri with Land & Legislation

Missouri Gun MakersAmerica’s Voice – by Michael Evans

A cooperative project is underway to bring firearms and accessories manufacturers and distributors to the Howell County Ozarks region of Missouri.  The project was initiated by a listener of the Americas Voice Now radio program who volunteered to put up one of three parcels of land to any manufacturer or distributor who would move to the region.  

The parcels of land are available to any gun or firearm accessory manufacturer or distributor who will move to one of the parcels bringing jobs and economic benefits to the area.  Missouri is a leader in the nation as a state dedicated to the principles of the Second Amendment.  The State House of Representatives just gave first round approval to a tax incentive bill (HB630) aimed to providing tax credits to relocating gun manufacturers.

The “Move To Missouri” project has a list of endorsements that is impressive.  The project was initially put together by the landowner John Negri, America’s Voice Now radio program host Michael Evans and Larry Pratt, President of  GOA (Gun Owners of America).   They enlisted some big guns in the state to support the project including, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, Missouri State Representative Shawn Rhoads, State Senator Mike Cunningham, SCOCOG (South Central Ozarks Council of Governments) and other interested parties.

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder said, “Missouri has a well-earned reputation as a ‘gun-friendly’ state. I am proud to represent a state that values the Constitution and stands against the federal government’s attempts to infringe upon our 2nd and 10th Amendment rights. Through the efforts of Larry Pratt, Michael Evans and business leaders in the West Plains area, Missouri can send a clear message to out-of-state gun makers who face burdensome regulations, high taxes and restrictions on their products. That message is, ‘Move to Missouri.’”

The Missouri legislature is also on the cusp of passing the Second Amendment Preservation Act, (HB436 and SB325) which nullifies all federal oversight related to firearms in the state.  The act declares the General Assembly’s position on the authority of the federal government and declares as invalid certain federal gun laws, prohibiting the enforcement of such laws.  The state has made national headlines here and here in recent weeks with their no holds barred approach to declaring their Tenth Amendment rights to simply nullify federal laws that are extra-Constitutional.

Interested parties, firearms manufacturers, accessory makers and distributors can contact Michael Evans at mevans@AmericasVoiceNow.org or call 417-372-0686 for more information or to obtain a package outlining the parcels available and their respective benefits and features.

You can download the entire press package in .pdf form here:  Press MediaPak

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