6 thoughts on “Chris Geo Arrested By Homeland Security For Not Giving Up 4th Amendment

  1. The only reason Chris Geo and his girlfriend were not stomped on the sidewalk is because these two pigs truly believed they were live on the air. And if it were to happen again today with those two pigs, not believing there was a live broadcast, Chris and his girlfriend would be stomped if not killed.
    The assertion that you can treat these fat ass puss bags with any reason or compassion is erroneous. They love the power trip they are on and cannot wait until the day that it does not matter if they curb stomp you live on the air.
    After this incident the next day 500 people should have showed up with cameras and another thousand with guns, and let these fucking Nazis know that we will film our federal property any time we please. And the people with the cameras and the people with the guns should have gave them one hour to arrest and charge the two puss gutted pigs, or come back with another 5000 and take the facility back for the people.
    If there is such a thing as federal property that is theirs and not ours then this is proof positive that they are not us and that they are trying to take control of our property and make us slaves.

    1. Yeah, a power trip. The police are becoming professional information collectors. You don’t give the information, you go to jail. We get treated worse than the illegals coming across. Welcome to the new America.

      1. Yeah…I guess we can stop “hoping” for “change”…..this is it!

        Nice. The most iconic example of buzz-phrase marketing in the history of sales. Barnum and Bailey eat your hearts out.

  2. Hitlers SS and the Soviet Union’s KGB now parading around America as police officers. It amazes me just how much this country has deteriorated into nothing more than a police state and a tyrannical empire.

  3. Where does Chris Geo live, what State (and county?), not asking for his home address or anything.

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