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Citizens Of Miami! Prepare To Defend Yourselves.

Bearing Arms – by Bob Owens

Mayor Carlos Gimenez of Miami has decided that he’d prepare for the criminal alien invasion and the pending 2014 hurricane season by slashing $64 million from the 2014-15 budget, resulting in a loss of up to 600 police jobs in Dade County.

As a result, the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association president John Rivera is warning citizens to arm themselves, because there will not be police officers to answer calls for help:

Speaking to WSVN News, Rivera said, “If the mayor’s not going to provide security, then my recommendation, as an experienced law enforcement officer for nearly 40 years, is either buy yourself an attack dog, put bars on your windows and doors and get yourself some firearms because you’re going to have to protect yourselves.”

SWAT and narcotics units will be among those units affected by the cuts.

Now, there are those in the citizenry who think that guns aren’t the answer to an impending failure of civility that might occur when up to 600 police officers are thrown off the job.

Perhaps the peace-loving women of Moms Demand Action can organize a “stroller jam” to stop violent narcotics gangs, flesh-eating bath salt zombies, and criminal aliens who seem to have a “thing” for pedophilia…


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2 Responses to Citizens Of Miami! Prepare To Defend Yourselves.

  1. FarmerDave says:

    Rejoice people of Florida, having 600 less pigs can only be a good thing. You should have been looking after yourselves anyhow. Call 911 and it might be your death call.

  2. St. Bernardnot says:

    600 unemployed pigs? Man, you started my Saturday off on a GOOD note! ROFLMAO!

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