Civil suits over executive orders headed to State Supreme Court

West Dakota Fox

MINOT, N.D. – Two civil suits filed against Gov. Doug Burgum, R-N.D., in the early months of the pandemic have made their way to the North Dakota Supreme Court.

Somerset Court, a longterm care facility in Minot, filed the lawsuits in April after their local cosmetologist was prohibited from working due to the governor’s executive orders.

Oral arguments for State v. Riggin and Somerset Court and Kari Riggin v. Governor Burgum will be presented on March 8 at 10:45 a.m. State v. Riggin will focus on a person’s right to work during a pandemic, while the case against Burgum will call into question the governor’s right to issue executive orders.

The cases will be held via Zoom, but they will be public hearings accessible on the Supreme Court’s website.

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