5 thoughts on “Clark County Nevada Live Audio Feeds screen snap

  1. And the ‘crazed lone gunman’ strikes again.

    I used to think that it was just because we’re that good that we figured this sh#t out in almost no time at all.

    Now it’s become obvious that it’s mainly because they’re that bad at creating a believable ‘production’ anymore.

  2. Notice how it says “Multiple strike teams working” and also “Multiple strike teams deployed” but it doesn’t actually say what any of these teams are actually doing.
    Are they eating donuts and licking ice cream cones or are they the ones doing the actual shooting?
    Why am I not seeing anything about S.W.A.T. being deployed?
    Oh, that’s right. They didn’t show up until 70 minutes later.
    “Breech breech breech….okay everybody, lets sprinkle some fake blood on this fake guy and call it a day.”
    SWATGUY#2 : “dammit. I hate cleaning up after the spooks.”

  3. Strike Team======: Specified combinations of the same kind and type of resources, with common communications and a leader.=====▪ Division: That organizational level having responsibility for operations within a defined. geographic area. The Division level is organizationally between the Strike Team and the Branch. ▪ Group: Groups are established to divide the incident into functional areas of operation. Groups.


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