Clinton Body Count Rises, JFK Jr. Death Linked to Clintons

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With some recent deaths being linked to the Clintons, it is no wonder people are looking into other notable deaths to see if they can somehow link them to the Clintons as well. Now, the death of JFK Jr. is popping up on radars.

The reason his death is coming into conversations is because of the timing.  

In 1999, Hillary was readying her run at a political future by going after the seat of a retiring senator in New York. However, there was significant support by the people for JFK to go after the seat, directly threatening Hillary’s political future.

Some insiders say when Jr found out about Hillary’s interest in the seat, he backed down, but not all of them are agreeing. In fact, numerous sources cite that going after the seat was definitely on his radar.

Adding fuel to the fire is the circumstances of the death itself.

In addition to both of them vying for the same seat, the tie-in gets even more interesting in that many feel not enough resources were utilized immediately after the crash.

Kennedy, who had not yet been cleared for flying without instruments, did so anyway due to the conditions that day, via New York Times.

Jr’s last contact with a flight tower was around 9:30 pm, but the search for him did not start until the next morning.

Even though Senator Ted Kennedy was burning up the phone lines, the FAA did nothing.

Finally, at around 7:00 am the next morning, the Air Force and Coast Guard got involved, with the Coast Guard randomly searching 20,000 square miles by about 1:00 pm, almost 15 hours after the actual crash.

Bill, at the time, was President, putting him in a perfect situation to help delay, cover up, etc…the search and findings.

While the official reason for the crash was pilot error with the idea of Jr being a reckless pilot put out there to back it up, there are more than a few that believe this was all a conspiracy to get him out of Hillary’s way, so she could make her political run after Bill left the White House.

Angry Patriot

10 thoughts on “Clinton Body Count Rises, JFK Jr. Death Linked to Clintons

  1. There’s always been a big question mark on JFK Jr’s demise. Talk about timing, Hillary looking to run for the same seat as JFK Jr. Oh, yes, it was pilot error, how convenient. Hillary would stab the devil in the heart and take over hell if she could, that’s how power-hungry the Clintons are.

    Hillary Clinton makes Benedict Arnold look like a choir boy. She is the most despicable human to ever exist, surpassing Bill a few years ago. Obummer, he’ll have to settle for 3rd place.

    Spawn of Satan, evil incarnate, devil worshipping whore, yes, she’s “presidential material”, passing every test of her willingness to be “bought off” to the highest bidder. “I’m Hillary and I’m for sale.” “Come get some while it’s still available!” F’n whore!

  2. “Adding fuel to the fire is the circumstances of the death itself.”

    Since waking up (years after this event), I’ve known that this was designed to advance Hitlery’s career.

    It not only served the Hitlery agenda, the the overall one as well. I don’t think John Jr. was on board with the NWO any more than his father was. If that’s true, then they couldn’t afford for him to get involved in politics to any degree.

  3. Oh well, we live in a world run by Satan’s little helpers. Creepiness runs amok enveloping Hillary like the stank smell of a freshly pooped dog turd.

    Her and Bill are the fine examples for our children to look up to, right? Bill, honest as a saint, and Hillary, pure as the driven snow, that’s what they portray themselves as being, should both be strung up tonight, I would applaud.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton, weasels to be sure, seem to have luck, and a very good PR department with fire hose installed to put out all the fires.

    We, the American people, have been hoodwinked, bamboozeled, upchucked on, lied to, spat on, and shit smeared in our faces by these two traitorous criminal pieces of shit.

    Yet, they remain in the picture in spite of their crimes. Bill, the philanthropist, Hillary the c***, what a pair she has.

    What the hell is stopping the prosecution of their obvious crimes in these open and shut cases? Ya think Obummer called off the dogs? I do. Like Henry says, we have no law anymore. They have no legitimacy or constitutional standing. They’re just punks with tin stars and a mindset of superiority.

    1. And Oswald. Oh, yes, let’s absolve the Clintons, they were just innocent bystanders. Is that what I’m hearing?

    2. I never claimed that Hitlery ordered the hit personally. It’s a damn good bet she did, considering the trail of corpses left in her wake. However, if she didn’t, then it was done for her by an ‘interested party’.

      If you think that’s a stretch… snooze on.

      1. First off, I wasn’t talkin’ to you #1. The last thing I want to do is get in a pissin’ match with you. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t appreciate disrespect.

        1. Millard, check the comment again. It was a direct reply to Darkwing, not you. It would have been to the right side (not directly) beneath yours if that were the case.

          Little too much 4:20 today, buddy? 🙄

  4. OK, I mistook your comment as directed at me as it was right below my comment. Please forgive my error. 4:20? I wish. Digger’s crop would damned near be to maturity, dammit!

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