CNBC article on 43 Trillion Lawsuit has been taken down just as I thought it would be. Link goes to an empty page now. CNBC Sr. V.P. digital executive two kids killed hours after being put on net

Yesterday – CNBC page linked below

Sherrie Questioning All

Today CNBC page linked below ( look at date and time published, they match to show it was the same page)

The article was taken down that I wrote about yesterday.  I got the screen shots of it on CNBC and so there is proof that it was there and a lawsuit was filed against the banksters and top government officials.

The original link to CNBC is here:  (you can still see the comments left from the article at the bottom of the page and that the article was about the lawsuit.  (Until they make the page a “404” error)

Here is my article about it with the screenshots:

What gives this more of a twist is the horrendous murder of two young children in NYC.  An anonymous/Alison left a comment on the above article, saying that the CNBC Sr. V.P. executive of digital (internet) had his children murdered the same day/hours after the article came out.

Here is the comment:

 Hi Sherrie,

Of course the following could just be a coincidence….

You might also find it interesting to note that the chief exec of CNBC digital Kevin Krim’s children were murdered (2 of them) on the VERY same day this article went live.
Supposidly their nanny killed them but I guess we’ll never know seeing as she apparently slit her own throat and wrists and is now in critical condition in hospital. I doubt very much she’ll make it!

Reads like an episode on Damages…


I found more articles about the murder of the children online.  Here is one from CNN that has been updated and proclaims the nanny stabbed herself when she heard the mother come in the apartment. 
Is it all coincidence that it happened hours after CNBC put the 43 trillion lawsuit online?

 The children’s father, Kevin Krim, a senior vice president for CNBC Digital and former Yahoo executive, was en route back home from the West Coast. Police broke the news to him at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

I feel for the family.  I simply can’t imagine the most horrendous  nightmare of having your children murdered.

Now CNBC has taken down the article/information about the lawsuit, I figured that would happen and that is why I captured every bit of it on the CNBC website.   I captured it compared to reproducing for three reasons.

One:  It says “copyrighted” at the bottom
Two:  To show and prove it was on CNBC and not made up (which can appear to be when just copying material)
Three:  To have a record of it, when it disappeared off the net.

FYI:  It does seem they are erasing the whole page, now only 2 comments are left on the page.  There were many more comments yesterday about the lawsuit on CNBC.

I found that Marketwatch has the same information up about the lawsuit at this time.  Here is the screenshot of it on their page:

Question is:  How long will it stay up on Marketwatch and will something happen to an executive or their family there of a horrendous nature or accident?

9 thoughts on “CNBC article on 43 Trillion Lawsuit has been taken down just as I thought it would be. Link goes to an empty page now. CNBC Sr. V.P. digital executive two kids killed hours after being put on net

  1. I hope they target Jamie Dimon first. That SOB is as dirty as they come. The scum bag belongs in Rikers for life dispensing soap to the new arrivals.

  2. Just the fact that this lawsuit specifically excludes both the Bush’s is rather suspect. They are just as much a part of this as anyone else. Hell, Bush Jr enacted the ‘Patriot Act’. Surely he knew about 911? I just don’t understand that

    1. Not to defend Bush, but at least he specifically required the Patriot act to be renewed every 4 years in order to make congress debate aspects of it in public for the country to see. Unfortunately all that went out the window with Obama, who immediately after taking office had Reid and Pelosi greatly increase its size and scope including making the act PERMANENT, thus preventing the American people from seeing what these bastards are up to.

      Another interesting tidbit. Did you guys know the Patriot Act was actually written by Joe Biden long before Bush was even elected? It sure was!

  3. Just as my comment on the original article stated: Never happen.

    My sympathy to the family of those two children killed. I’m not surprised, though, considering the Satanic nature of the sub-human scum involved.

    They WILL pay for it for all eternity.

  4. I agree with Sue that the missing names are as amazing as those listed, in this “Crime of the Millennium”.
    But, If this law suit were to attempt to name all the criminals involved in one suit it would take 40 days and 40 nights to read them in court.
    Alas, we have a better chance of finding out the tooth fairy is real than this suit ever going anywhere.

    1. No, this is not by omission, the lawsuit specifically names both Bush’s, being excluded from the lawsuit, which is very odd. It’s like they were making a point to ‘exclude’ them.

  5. This is awful. Those poor children, and my heart goes out to them and their family 🙁 They are talking about this on Coast to Coast tonight. CNBC took down the article, then these elitist scum go and kill these two kids. The nanny sustained the injury of a stabbing to her neck, that was so forceful it broke her neck. As they are saying, it would take tremendous power to do that, and it’s highly unlikely the nanny did this to herself. What is the coincidence alone that this article was posted, then removed, then kids of a major exec at the network just happen to be killed by their nanny? There is 46 trillion dollars missing, that was stolen from all American citizens. These banks took all our $, and are using it to buy up land all over the world. Monsanto is apparently buying up a huge chunk of land in N. Africa. See this is what happens when a mainstream news network dares to upset the elite. It makes me wonder too, are all the Presidents & politicians PART of the elite, or are they forced to do the bidding of the elite or else? I told my hubby a while back, what if after Obama was elected, that the elite told him “listen this is how it really is, you listen to us, and do what we tell you or Michelle & the kids get it…or you end up like JFK.”

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