Coincidence? Hay Fever Symptoms The SAME As “Delta Variant”

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Professor Tim Spector, who runs the Zoe Covid Symptom study at King’s College London, has warned that younger people with the “delta variant” are reporting new symptoms. But those who have had hay fever for years or even decades say those symptoms are exactly the same.

Are the rulers rebranding hay fever as the “delta variant?” Or is this just a coincidence? There sure seem to be a lot of coincidences lately, but you decide for yourself.

Instead of the usual high temperature, hacking cough, and loss of taste and smell we’ve become familiar with, a new set of symptoms are thought to be associated with the Delta variant. –TYLA

It certainly looks like they are taking every single cold or fly or ailment that they can and turning it into something big and scary to panic the public.

“Since the start of May, we have been looking at the top symptoms in the app users – and they are not the same as they were,” Spector explained. “This variant seems to be working slightly differently. People might think they’ve just got some sort of seasonal cold and they still go out to parties and they might spread around to six other people. We think this is fuelling a lot of the problem.”

Unsurprisingly, hayfever sufferers have reacted in confusion and, in some cases, panic that their symptoms might be something more than a mild allergic reaction.

On reading about the new symptoms, one person tweeted: “That’s also basically me in hot weather and with hayfever. Guess I need to get myself a few thousand test kits.”

Another joked: “Are they sure the Delta variant ain’t just hayfever season?”

One tweeted: “Cool, that’s just what we needed to hear in HAYFEVER SEASON.”

While one wrote: “Oh good. An added level of stress and jeopardy to this year’s hayfever season.” –TYLA

There have already been mainstream media websites “debunking” that hay fever has been rebranded as the “delta variant.” Just in time for “delta plus” to come up.  There is an unending number of variants and mutations they could bring out to panic the public. At least, for right now, people seem to have caught on to what’s being done. However, once that happens, do not expect them to just give up. We could be in for a real case of biological warfare that will do damage.

Stay alert. Remain prepared, and as always, use your discernment and critical thinking skills. We live in strange times and should be questioning everything at this point.



3 thoughts on “Coincidence? Hay Fever Symptoms The SAME As “Delta Variant”

  1. It has now been noted that all variants have sprung from the primary variant, known among enlightened scientists as the Tel Aviv Variant. Though seemingly unstoppable, other counter-variants are emerging, strong and more persistent, and it is widely accepted that these will eventually overcome the prime variant.


  2. COVID-19 = the flu The flu= injected toxins and/or radiation poisoning
    The Delta Variant = effects of the experimental jabs and/or radiation poisoning
    India received toxic doses of COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ Out of India came the ‘delta variant’
    It’s all a mind fck

  3. The Jab is the biological weapon the goal is to get the masses to willing take it hence corona virus and it’s variants. Sadly so many are going to die because they were too trusting of the very ones that are supposed to protect us FDA CDC WHO all guilty of mass murder by the Jab they are pushing as “safe and effective” knowing it is going to cause great harm and death. They all need to go to prison for what they have done!

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