Communists Converge on Washington Mall for Gun Confiscation

commie marchThe communists began their new campaign for gun confiscation yesterday, assembling at the Washington Mall for a silent march down Constitution Avenue.  How ironic.  Of course this so called protest was sanctioned by the soviet insurgent government.  No billy clubs and tear gas for these traitors and only positive coverage in the mainstream propaganda machine.

Imagine a march centered on a desire to diminish our 2nd Amendment.  The United States is a Republic and our people’s Bill of Rights absolutely cannot be altered by anyone within any of the three branches of government, as our Bill of Rights represents our power as individuals.  Our rights are inalienable and hence the power they represent is absolute without exception or infringement. 

The communists who showed up at the Washington Mall detest our form of government as it forbids our individual power being compounded through collectivism, as in my right, his right, her right outweighs your right twice over.  Not one, not two, not a thousand, or a million can remove the right of the individual through a majority consent.  In short, the one has absolute equal right to the all within our law.

The only way a right guaranteed under our Bill of Rights can be diminished in any way is through diminished exercise thereof by the individual.  Any American national is absolutely free not to exercise a right but they can in no way dictate that another individual do the same, not as one or as a million.

Our rights are our individual possession and no others.  They cannot be amended through legislation or executive order, as no branch of government can even approach such assertion without causing an infringement, which is absolutely forbidden by our Bill of Rights itself, within its embodiment, within the individual as a self governing entity.

The communists who came out to march at the Washington Mall yesterday are guilty of attempting to incite insurrection and constructive treason against our Republic by definition of our law.  Every one of them should be charged, convicted, made to serve hard time, and then deported.

Our founding fathers and I do not mean the aristocrats but rather those who fought and died to establish our country, have commanded us, through our Bill of Rights and the established fact that our rights are inalienable, to defy this soviet socialist insurgency through the assertion of our rights for the removing of all infringements.

We as individuals must institute total resistance to tyranny until our enemy is vanquished.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “Communists Converge on Washington Mall for Gun Confiscation

  1. It would be nice if we could get a list of attendees so we can make sure every last one of them gets what they deserve. At the very least they should all be deported.

    1. Would love to see these jokers try doing this march in billings Montana or Cheyenne Wyoming. Washington is full of these ultra elitist driving around in $350,000 Lamborghini’s. Most of these clowns have never been outside of this wealthy enclave. D.C is a world within itself, unaware and forgetful of the rest of us. Huge money has all of the sudden arrived there. They think they’re the god almighty of authority now.

      This is what happens when you let illegal lobbyist work their mafia style corruption upon the birds on the hill.

  2. Let Washington DC devour Washington DC. DC is federal land and so they can enslave all inhabitants if they wish. All other land in the US is state land, regadless of federal claims to such. If the feds feel brave enough to encroah upon our rights in the states, they should be driven back home. If agents of the feds living in the states feel brave enough to encroach upon our rights, there should be no home for them to return to. We the People of the United States, forget..every treasonous soldier, every treasonous politician, every treasonous federal agent lives somewhere. They should all be exiled to DC where they can rule themselves and make contradictory laws and stab eachother in the back. Time to send them all packing, fellow countrymen. Time to hold them all accountable. If they are in reach they are vulnerable. They have decalred war upon us. We will not forgive and we will not forget.

  3. Communists? Maybe. Soccer Moms and Dads? Definitely! Because most of these folks come from in and around Sandy Hook Elementary, which is an expensive private school, no? The rest are soccer moms and dads from around DC…you know, wusses who wouldn’t know private property rights of OTHERS from a hole in the wall…

  4. “Of course this so called protest was sanctioned by the soviet insurgent government. No billy clubs and tear gas for these traitors and only positive coverage in the mainstream propaganda machine.”

    So if people AGAINST gun control did this, there would be cops everywhere with no media coverage. However, when it’s people FOR gun control, it’s the opposite. I guess Constitution Avenue really has become a “one-way street”. Haha!

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