Concealed Carrier Shoots Car Thief Who Sped Away With Victim On The Hood

Woman stuck on the hood of her car (WSB-TV)The Daily Caller – by Chuck Ross

An off-duty city worker in Georgia likely helped save a woman who was stuck on the hood of her car after she was carjacked on Friday.

The surreal scene was captured on surveillance video from Fast Track Car Wash in Smyrna, near Atlanta.  

The video shows a woman vacuuming her car when a teenage suspect hops out of a red minivan with several other men inside. The suspect is seen sliding into the woman’s car. He got behind the wheel and slammed the car, a white Honda, into reverse. The car owner jumped on the hood, but that didn’t deter the carjacker who sped up as he drove out of the view of the camera.

The woman was reportedly screaming for help as the suspect sped past several bystanders, including an off-duty Smyrna city worker.

Luckily, that man, who is also captured on camera, was carrying a concealed gun at the time. He chased after the Honda and fired through the window, hitting the suspect in the shoulder.

The suspect, who is from Atlanta, was arrested and taken to the hospital where he was treated. Police are looking for his accomplices in the minivan.

Armed Smyrna city worker springs into action (WSB-TV)

“I’m glad that guy was here with the gun to shoot that man in the shoulder, because that lady could have been seriously injured,” one witness told WSB-TV.

“If that guy didn’t shoot, she probably would end up losing her life,” another witness, Tasha Orr, told the news station. “He came by with the car. He picked up speed. She was on the hood, and I saw her starting to get off the hood. He picked up speed.”

3 thoughts on “Concealed Carrier Shoots Car Thief Who Sped Away With Victim On The Hood

  1. What! You mean there weren’t police around to handle this and an armed citizen had to step in. Well blow me down! The way liberals tell it only the police should have weapons………..and now they want to take those away too!

    Good job Joe citizen……….

  2. Nice shootin’….. but what’s up with the crazy woman?

    “The car owner jumped on the hood,…”

    What the hell did she think she was going to do by jumping on the hood of her stolen vehicle besides get herself killed? I know some people “love” their cars, but this is a pretty extreme demonstration of that twisted affection for a ton of steel.

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