11 thoughts on “Control-freak at WEF

  1. I read that in Europe they’re starting up something called “15 Minutes Cities.” There will zones that you can’t remain in longer than 15 minutes. Are they trying to sell a lot of watches?!! Just kidding. But this is getting nuts and I do believe it will create aggravated neurosis.

    Seems it’s all blowing up in their face. They sit there is designer clothes and pompous attitudes, control-dreams dancing in their heads. Free individuals have more than 15 minutes to handle this.


          1. Thanks, Martist. Another one of their dark control-dreams. And that name… ULEZ. Sounds like they’re saying, you are less. Or, you will have less. They sure do have things backwards.


        1. That was fun! These guys probably be like 80/90 yrs old by now. I’m sure they’re all rolling in their graves, given what’s “acceptable” (for some) these days.
          I was talking to a med. mar. pt today, he was telling me about the dispensaries he visited. Took his info and ran at one, in that their greeting was along the lines of “ which pronoun would you like us to use for you?” Yikes. Dude was like “I out, freaks”.

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