3 thoughts on “Speech Police at The WEF

  1. “Once they get you to change your language, you have now complied with their ideology.”
    — Author Unknown

    Am currently watching the film 1984, second production made in the year 1984. What ever the hell Orwell was or was into I set aside, for today we have what he wrote about, and then some. Full-on tyrannical oppression, ever expanding.

    Winston caved. American Nationals are in a sense writing a sequel to Orwell’s dystopic people-prison. Maybe we should name it “The Bill of Rights Brutally Beats Up Big Brother.”


    1. Agree! Freedom of speech, integral to our human mind, as is free will. Then mentions AI monitors. Well, human aspect gone. Whether anyone agrees with what I have to say, or not, makes no lick of difference! I am allowed to say it, and hurt feelings while doing so! Grow a thicker skin, you “trophy for participation” subscribers!
      I just informed my 5 yr old, who was upset, that he didn’t get the big trophy in his cub scout’s (no need for comment, friends…) rain gutter regatta cuz his wasn’t the best time. I should also mention that 1st and 3rd place were captured by girls…don’t even get me started!!!! .

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