Control Freak Rent-A-Cop Fired After Starting Brawl Over The Videotaping Of A Traffic Accident

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The Ohio Valley mall security guard who started a near brawl in a mall parking lot over photographs and videos being taken of an accident scene has been fired. After this video went viral, it seems that mall management had no choice but to let this person go. There certainly were many better ways to handle the situation you can watch unfold in the video below. First we get an update from  

The mall security guard at the center of a parking lot brawl with another woman has been fired.

Mall Director of Corporate Communications, Joe Bell, told WTRF that an internal investigation has been concluded, and company officials “determined that the guard had not performed to the standards required of the company’s security guards.”

The guard’s employment was terminated as of Monday. The Belmont County prosecutor’s office is still deciding whether criminal charges will be fired against the guard or the woman she scuffled with.

13 thoughts on “Control Freak Rent-A-Cop Fired After Starting Brawl Over The Videotaping Of A Traffic Accident

  1. Good!!

    Though I must admit, I’d rather have seen her get her a*s kicked ,not just wrestled…….hmmm

  2. When Pol Pot took over Cambodia he gave the ignorant and uneducated police powers because he knew they would abuse it. We now see the same thing happening here with moronic TSA officers and the idiot in this video.

  3. That rent-a-cop should be drough up on charges for battery or at least assault for attacking that citizen there. Getting fired is good but not good enough. That cop needs treatment. I still think that she acted like a beligerant/arrogant/power hungry drunk cop.

  4. Although this was a great laugh, we all know that with our government, she’ll be the first to get re-hired as a security guard somewhere else just like they do with the police departments.

    However, I have to say, WHY CAN’T PEOPLE DO THIS AGAINST REAL LAW ENFORCEMENT??!!!!! 8 against 1, people!!! Wake up!! We have the power to restore and exercise our rights, not these assholes.

    Is it because they know that this security guard had no backup or authority to do anything, so we just laugh in her face and shrug her off like normal people would?

    Why can’t we do the same with those police officers who have no authority to come into our homes without a warrent and no authority to arrest you without a reason and so on? Is it because we know they will come with backup?

    Oh come on. 8 against 1 and only 1 was needed to take down a childish security guard. Why can’t we get together and do the same with childish cops who abuse their authority the same way?

    As Henry says, we outnumber these bastards by millions to one. We can all end this right now by standing together and throwing out the tyrants in government.

  5. I agree 100% NC. videoing these power drunk fools may not be enough. We need to step in and physically STOP them from harming our fellow citizens. But then that isn’t quite enough. We need educated people on juries to envoke jury nullification and ensure noone goes to jail following the inevitable trumped up charges that will ensue.

    1. Still not enough, as before any of the above could be possible, we have to fight a war so we can reinstate constitutional courts where jurors have the option of exercising the right of jury nullification. As it stands, jurors who try to nullify are removed by the corporate courts that do not recognize the people, let alone any of their rights.

  6. I expect that sooner or later american men will re-grow their gonads and start to retaliate against the control freaks that are literally beating innocent people to death on the streets, whilst protected only by their cheap badges. I hope it is sooner rather than later.

  7. I’ll bet the police farces are lining up to hire Officer Adams, she’s A-grade public harassment material.

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