6 thoughts on “Cops Fire 20 Bullets At Unarmed Man In His Bed! Then Call It Justified!

  1. Laughing all those shots and this man ain’t dead…… no wonder DHS has to buy all that ammo. These beta’s are not skilled in any thing they do. Time to stop supporting this bs by not paying taxes.

  2. Rule of thumb, for all of you cops out there, IF YOU DON’T SEE A GUN IN A PERSON’S HAND, DON’T SHOOT HIM!!!! How difficult is that?

    So you saw him reach for something. Big friggin. deal! It could have been that he was getting his glasses and you shoot 16 bullets into ONE guy and call it justified? ARE YOU F**KING INSANE???!!!!!!!!!

    I hope the guy’s family sends a hit squad on these assholes. They call themselves sheriffs. HA! Gestapo is more the word for them.

  3. Damn good thing these morons won’t be on our side, once the SHTF.

    I’ll take accuracy over quantity any day of the week.

    These clowns will only be a liability, once the real shooting starts.

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