Cops Have Become So Trigger Happy They Are Shooting At Each Other

Cop Block – by Joshua Scott Hotchkin

Whether it is due to the overall culture of fear and victim-identity in police, or is a side effect of the shoot-first training that is instilling killer instincts, it seems that police are shooting at just about anything and everything that moves. It seems that whatever force or forces have worked to create trigger happy police has now come back to haunt them, as on Tuesday, A Rancho Cordova, California cop fired his weapon at another officer who caused him to fear for his life.  

A ten year veteran of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office, now working for the Rancho Cordova Police Department, was responding to a call from a man who claimed voices across the street were calling out to, and taunting, him. The officer, who has not yet been identified, was able to ascertain that the intoxicated man was not a danger to himself or others and that no crime had occurred and that there wasn’t a dog to shoot (or this dog to shoot) or a baby to throw a stun grenade at or anything else fun to do there, so he left the man to his own inebriation and recreational paranoia.

At about the time that the officer began to skedaddle, another brother-in-blue arrived to see if there was anything fun for him to do and was at the bottom of the apartments stairwell just as the first officer prepared to descend. But that dang ol’ mean stairwell was all dark and scary and stuff, and the life-a-fearin’ commenced with a quickness. Now he was certain that the shadowy figure at the bottom of the stairwell was either a man with a weapon or an evil and merciless (but not bulletproof) demon who had come to collect on a deal. So the cop up top got his glock and went pop.

Fortunately, he missed. The target of the gunfire has not been named either, nor has it been confirmed that he is not the consort of Beelzebub come in frail human form to reap the soul of the trigger happy hero who began our tale of bravery and tragedy.

Just-Pull-It McGee has been removed from enforcement duty while the incident is under investigation. So far no disciplinary actions or criminal charges have been announced.

This must be one of those situations in a cops head where it is like trying to divide by zero. The conflicting facts that an officer was shot at and that an officer fired because he feared for his life is probably going to short circuit a few minds at that department.

“Do we remain consistent in punishing anybody who fires a weapon at an officer to the full extent of the law, and whatever else we think we can get away with?” -or- “Do we remain consistent in commending and treating,as a hero, any officer who attempts or commits homicide because they got a pants-loading case of ‘MUH LIVES!’?”

My bet is that no matter what they do, everybody who mindlessly supports police will act like that’s what they would have done all along, and then make a great show of how smart they are and how heroic all police officers and actions are, always and forever, MUAHZ<3

Now enjoy some Cop Shoot Cop…

5 thoughts on “Cops Have Become So Trigger Happy They Are Shooting At Each Other

  1. “So the cop up top got his glock and went pop.

    Fortunately, he missed.”


    Not from my perspective.

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