Corporate Elite Fleeing Wall Street

The FOX propagandists are once again unleashing their acid tongues on the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  Charlie Gasparino, a FOX Business Senior Correspondent, referred to the protesters as “dirty pot smoking hippies” saying that further demonization of the businesses on Wall Street will only make it harder for them to do business and hurt us all.  Gasparino went on to put forth a veiled threat for his corporate masters, saying that they may move their businesses out of the United States if the protesters do not stop attacking them.

Well I’ll tell you what, Charlie, you corporate butt sucker, you can tell your Wall Street masters that they can get the hell out yesterday.  We do not want, nor do we need them.  Tell them to take their sorry asses over to China or wherever else they can find people willing to put up with their elitist bullshit.

But you are not going to tell them that are you Charlie, because even if you told them they wouldn’t go.  Your corporate masters know that it is being based in the United States that is allowing them to steal our raw resources that they are taking to China, India, and South Korea for manufacture and exclusive profit.

Tell you what you corporate pimp, you can tell your masters that they can run but they cannot hide, and as long as they continue operating within our borders we are going to be on them like flies on a rump roast.  And what they can expect from us is an escalation of our attacks, clear up until the point that they are being cuffed and stuffed.

This pathetic punk really got my dander up.

Tell you what Charlie; I’ve seen a lot of people like you.  You sit there in front of a camera and snarl your face up trying to portray yourself as some kind of tough guy.  Well you had better stay in front of the camera, because be assured there are people like me out on the streets.  And if you walked up and snarled your face at me on the street, and started spewing your insults, I would slap you down with an open hand and curb stomp you like the punk you are.

I’ll tell you what, media pimp, those “dirty pot smoking hippies” out there on the streets are Americans.  This is their country and they are sick of you and the pigs you serve stealing from them.  Your days are numbered; sleaze bag and we will not forget what you have said. You and those you serve will face justice.

Maybe you had better take a look around at the corporate demi-gods you worship and see them fleeing to the suburbs.  And you better know that this whole thing has just begun.  Next they are going to be forced to flee from this country and once we the people have our Republic back under our Constitution, there is going to be nowhere on this planet that they can hide.  Any country that gives sanctuary to these dirt bags will be given the option of arresting them and turning them over to us, or having us turn them into vapor with our $5.5 trillion nuclear arsenal.

I think the Wall Street scum are finally getting the message, and that is you messed with the wrong people.  We are not British, French, or Greek.  We are Americans and when we make war we do so with a viciousness that defines us.  You think we hacked this country out of a wilderness and brought it to the status of a world power by being a bunch of woosies that anyone can push around and take advantage of?

We are awake. Before this whole thing is over with, you and the rest of the international corporate mafia are going to find out why we are referred to as a sleeping giant.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I just saw Charlie Gasparino on FOX News. He was backing off from yesterday’s attack and apologizing, I think, the best he could. He was talking about the outrage on the net over what he said. He said, “One person on a blog wanted to slap me in the face.”

    1. People are starting to flex some muscle! They have had it with this crap. Thomas Jefferson is looking down and smiling ear to ear!

  2. He and those like him are treasonists and seditionists against the American people. He’s a punk coward like the others who serve the corporate mafia elite and got where they are by being bootlickers. He thinks if he keeps licking their boots they’ll be able to save his sorry ass, but the reality is they can’t save him from justice any more than they can hide from justice forever, and they don’t care about him enough to bother. He’s just another slave to them, but he’s too stupid and cowardly to accept that reality.

  3. Mark, Thanks for the link. From what I read the leaders of these countries are telling their citizens that these agreements will open up forign investment in their countries and increase employment. Yeah, American Corps will build factories there with our natural resources and then just sell the finished products back to us. Its a LOOSE=LOOSE for America. After 20 years of this crap you would think someone in Washington would see what is obvious to every 99er. This is TREASON!

  4. look the people in washington know what their are doing. They just don’t give a damn about us. only there greed. They will find out. Oh ya bitch slap that no good prick. Woh some one wanted to slap me. He’s lucky if that’s all that happens to him.

    keep your powder dry boys!! The red coats ara acoming!!

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