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Covert Israeli Forces Inside Syria Within Rebel Ranks? Israeli Military Vehicle Seized: Report

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Media sources confirm the seizure of an Israeli military vehicle in Al Qseir inside Syrian territory.

The vehicle’s licence plate corresponds to that of the Israeli military with a black background and the letter Tsade (צ) (see image below)

Al Qseir is a strategic border town on the Northern frontier of Lebanon. Occupied by rebels, it was taken back by Syrian forces on Monday.  

Al-Qseir  controls the highway which runs from the Lebanese border to Homs. It is through this border city that weapons and foreign mercenaries have entered Syria.

According to SANA, quoting (unconfirmed) media source:

“The seizure of an Israeli military vehicle which terrorists had been using in al-Qseir refutes the allegations made by Israel to justify its aggression on Syria and proves the scale of Israel’s military and intelligence involvements in the events in Syria.”

The source said that the Israeli military support for the armed terrorist groups proves the involvement of Qatar, Turkey and Israel in the aggression on Syria which is waged through a single central operations room.

The source pointed out that the Israeli military support for terrorism in Syria proves once more that Israel was and still is adopting the policy of organized state terrorism, stressing that the world must act to confront this terrorism.

The source said that the questions raised by the seizure of the Israeli military vehicle and the surveillance and jamming equipment in al-Qseir show that the armed terrorist groups with all their different names are merely headlines for a single structure led by Israel, Qatar and Turkey.”  (SANA, May 20, 2013)

According to Press TV quoting Lebanese TV Station Al Mayadeem

The Lebanese channel al-Mayadeen broadcast the video of the confiscated vehicle on Monday.

The report also said that military uniforms as well as wiretapping and jamming equipment were found in the vehicle, but it did not display the items.

The Syrian army has restored security in al-Qusayr in the central province of Homs, after taking back control of 50 percent of the city from foreign-backed militants.

The army said it has killed two militant commanders during the operation in the strategic city, which is located near the border with Lebanon.

Fierce battles are still going on in the city as the Syrian army continues its operations there, while large numbers of militants abandon their weapons and flee the city.

The Syrian army entered the strategic city from every front on Sunday following weeks of battle.

The Syrian army says it has also found Israeli-made rockets in a weapons cache seized from militants in Homs province.(Press TV, May 20, 2013)

The issue of the vehicle requires confirmation.

The capture of an Israeli military vehicle does not in itself confirm the involvement of Israeli forces.

Israeli registered military vehicles would not normally be used in covert operations by Israeli special forces.

Michel Chossudovsky contributed to this report.

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2 Responses to Covert Israeli Forces Inside Syria Within Rebel Ranks? Israeli Military Vehicle Seized: Report

  1. Alberto says:

    Israel’s & USA’s enemies have achieved their goal of providing a battlefield to large for the Israel/USA/NATO forces to effectively achieve their goals. Rather than dictating the field of combat Israel/USA/NATO are being drawn into a large theater of operation in which we will be unable to gain comprehensive victory. It’s a simple ‘death by a thousand cuts’ strategy.

    Perhaps some drug addled megalomaniac Pentagramagon Neanderthal will push the button and Nuclear Winter will commence.

    What a sad day for our race.

  2. Max Bond says:

    What made this worthy of publication. None of it being confirmed makes it no more than propaganda. The get stolen in war all the time. Lines change and material is left behind. I ‘Nam we had to steal our own parts from the docks in Saigon because they didn’t come through regular channels. Mostly because of bureaucratic red tape. I could never understand filling out requests and waiting months for mission critical supplies.

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