22 thoughts on “Dees: Welcome Jade Helm

      1. Another jew lie, JR.

        Seal of Solomon, or Star of Rephan/Remphan, but definitely NOT the Star of David.

  1. Other than the kid in the stroller still breathing, this looks like a plausible/possible scenario. The chemtrails are a nice touch.

    What do you get when you turn that McDoodles sign 90 degrees to the right?

        1. Cripes, now I see it. I never noticed it nor looked hard enough before. There’s a reason I don’t eat there. Evil!

          1. Most corporate logos have hidden (or not-so-hidden) meanings these days, Deb.

          2. I know, there’s a video out there somewhere that shows them all. They’re everywhere, from the colors to the symbols. It’s almost hard to keep up with them all. To simplify it, it’s all of them. The cbs symbol is most prominent with its all seeing eye. Driving through CT, the billboards are everywhere. You can’t, not notice it.

          3. Deb, if you wish check this out:

            Michael Tsarion – Origins & Oracles – The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media – 1/2

  2. That sort of looks like the Watertown neighborhood after the Boston o’bombings with a side of kfc, Taco Bell and Mickey d’s. Either way you look at it, they’re all potentially lethal.

  3. Mark w., im a big fan of Michael tsarion. I have fell away from him for many months. I’m going in for a listen now. Thanks again. <3

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