Defy. Resist. Evade. Smuggle. SABOTAGE.

Sipsey Street Irregulars

You definitely should not do this . . . (Fill out multiples of the NY State Police Assault Weapons(s) Registration with the names and addresses of gun grabbers.)

Do you know what happens when a wooden shoe is stuck in the mechanism of a windmill? It grinds to a halt. (It’s a Dutch invention, I’m proud to say.)  

Do not, whatever you do, print a bunch of these out and fill them with false info and send them in.

Devilishly clever idea. Actually, I’d like to see a couple of million of these filled out and mailed to the PTB in New York.

Of course with the ten thousandth “Charlie Schumer” they are going to be automatically round filing them, causing only a strain on the office mail boy and the garbage collectors, so, whatever you do, don’t be creative and pick at random from people who write anti-firearm rights letters to the editor, or the corporate officers of anti-gun companies, or the staffers of anti-gun politicians. That would be bad and would make Andrew Cuomo very angry.

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