3 thoughts on “Dem Congressman: ‘It’s Clear That We [Also] Need to Look at Handguns’

  1. It’s clear he needs to be looking at the business end of a handgun, forcing him up the steps to the hangman’s noose.

    (once the SHTF, of course)

  2. “‘It’s Clear That We [Also] Need to Look at Handguns’”

    Oh! And don’t forget the shotguns, the swords, the crossbows, the baseball bats, the knives, the forks, the glass windows, the cars, the…..

  3. First of all, why does Illinois have a Mexican politician named Gutierrez who sounds like he is fresh from the border? Who voted for this probably illegal nutball and how did he get into office? Can I take my gun and send this guy packing across the border? Believe me, it would make a WORLD of difference.

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