Detroit man, 82, attacks home invasion suspect with hammer

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An 82-year-old Detroit man attacked a home invasion suspect with a hammer Sunday after the intruder refused to leave his property, reported.

George Bradford told the station that he woke up to the screams of his daughter and granddaughter after someone broke into the home through a basement window.  

Bradford “could hear him walking up the stairs” and said he went into his kitchen to fetch a hammer. When the intruder refused to leave, Bradford said he “let him have it.”

“He asked me not to kill him,” said Bradford. who hit the intruder once with the hammer.

Detroit police officers then arrived at the scene and say they found a man in his 30s in the front living room area with blood dripping from his head.

The suspect, 33, was treated by medics at the scene, then arrested for home invasion and taken into custody.

8 thoughts on “Detroit man, 82, attacks home invasion suspect with hammer

  1. I prefer the framing hammer my self. has a good waffle head. Nice imprint, and doesn’t glance of target as easily. It can drive a 16 penny nail home in 2 strokes.

    1. Who is to say he didn’t have a framing hammer,2 strokes for a 3&1/2 nail,get yourself a death stick Paul,unless you are driving into a block of tiger maple or ipe say,well,that was one strike too many!Many framing hammers not Waffle, i.e. missed stroke thumb manglers(saw that once,a ugly sight),I just rough mine up daily with belt sander and #40 grit!

  2. Nice job—but the next thing is to make sure your hammer has a serial number for registration. A deadly weapon you know!!

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