Dirty Tactics in the Mainstream Media to Divert Attention from Election Fraud

Blatant vote fraud has been shown to have been committed in Maine and it is being sparsely reported in the mainstream.  In fact the headlines read “Santorum and Romney neck in neck.”  Neck in neck in what?  There is no contest if the election is a fraud.  The mainstream media is making every effort to put anything forth but the blatant vote fraud that is disenfranchising we the American people of the American race in denying us our 1st Amendment right to redress of grievance and freedom of speech.

But then our Bill of Rights has never mattered to the mainstream.  Instead of reporting on this issue that affects every American of voting age in this country, the propagandists are putting forth issues designed to divide us, like the mandate for insurance companies to provide birth control for citizens employed by the Catholic Church, with one side of the false left-right paradigm calling the action a violation of the 1st Amendment protection of the church from the state.  And of course the other side is calling opposition to the legislation an attack on women’s rights.

Maybe someone should just step back and look at it logically.  The protection for churches is as absolute as every other provision contained in our Bill of Rights.  And the churches, just like we as individuals, are voluntarily giving up that right through contract.  The churches file for 501(c)3 tax exemption, which is completely unnecessary for a church operating as a church, however when a church decides to start operating as a business for profit, the conditions change.

Let’s take a woman, let’s say she is an atheist who takes a job at a business owned by the Catholic Church, like a hospital.  Just like any other job, her health insurance is a benefit as compensation for her labor, just like the money she receives for working.  Now the Catholic Church doesn’t want to pay for insurance that provides birth control because it goes against the Catholic belief system.

Now since the Catholic Church has decided to go beyond the realms of worship and good works being performed by members of the church and have begun dabbling in the realms of commerce, and noting that health insurance is a job benefit that supplements the salary itself, well to say that the church has the right to dictate the insurance coverage is that same as saying the church has the right to tell the woman she cannot buy contraceptives with the money she is paid for her labor.

No matter what your opinion on birth control and abortion, if the church remains pure and refuses the 501(c)3, it can dictate its own course.  But if the church decides to become a business, competing with other businesses, it must operate as a business on equal terms.

Now that we have that settled, can we please get back to the disenfranchising of the American citizens by the insurgents in our government who, if left unchecked, are going to inflict such absolute tyranny on we the people and our religious institutions, that they will have such control over our every action or inaction as to make contraceptives and abortion a mute issue.

In short, we will reach the point to where the government will tell us, “We do not care what you believe, you will do as you are told or we will kill you.”  I’ve stated it before and I will state it again, we had better put all of our differences aside and unite for the defeat of the social insurgents or we will lose absolutely any rights we still have left to our differences.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Get ready! Next we’ll be “bailing out” Portugal!


    Bailed-out Portugal’s jobless rate hits new record

    Portugal’s jobless rate jumped to a record 14 percent at the end of last year, the national statistics agency reported Thursday in the latest grim sign of the bailed-out country’s worsening economic problems.

    The unemployment rate is the highest since authorities began compiling comprehensive national registers in 1950, and experts predict it will rise further as austerity measures and recession sap the economy’s strength.

    Debt-heavy Portugal last year followed other eurozone countries Greece and Ireland in taking a bailout. The euro78 billion ($101.4 billion) loan sought to avert looming bankruptcy after a decade of slender growth.

    The emergency funding, however, has brought only temporary relief, with austerity measures blamed for worsening the downturn. That has raised fears Portugal may need another loan and more time to pay off its debts, further unnerving investors worried about the economic prospects of the 17 countries using the euro currency.

    The Portuguese economy went into a double-dip recession last year. The government forecasts a further contraction of 3 percent this year when it reckons the recession will bottom out.

    Many analysts doubt that prediction, however. Tax hikes and pay cuts have crunched domestic consumption while exports are expected to dwindle amid a wider European downturn. Some 75 percent of Portuguese exports go to other European countries.

    The national association of bankruptcy lawyers has reported more than 10,000 company insolvencies last year – a startling 60 percent jump from the previous year.

    The government insists its recovery plans, including debt-reduction measures and long-delayed economic reforms, are on track and it won’t need more financial aid.

    The jobless rate rose from 12.4 percent in the third quarter, the National Statistics Agency said, with the number of unemployed rising to around 771,000 at the end of December. That was up by more than 80,000 from the previous quarter.

    “These are certainly worrying numbers,” Parliamentary Affairs Minister Miguel Relvas said after a regular Cabinet meeting.

    He said the government, which came to office seven months ago, was pursuing policies that would start creating jobs in the medium term, though he declined to speculate how long the turnaround might take.

    Trade unions have staged strikes and protests against austerity measures over the past year, though Portugal has witnessed none of the violent demonstrations seen in Greece. All three major political parties, representing 206 of the 230 seats in Parliament, have given their blessing to the bailout program.

    An opinion poll published Thursday by the European Institute of Lisbon University’s Law Faculty found that most people expressing an opinion don’t think austerity is the best solution to Portugal’s difficulties, however.

    Asked whether they though austerity measures are the best way out of the crisis, 48.4 percent said no, according to the telephone poll by Lisbon company Eurosondagem.

    The poll reported that 40.3 percent of respondents answered yes to that question, while 11.3 percent didn’t know or didn’t reply.

    The survey was carried out Feb. 9-10 and based on 1,021 replies with a margin of error of 3.07 percent.

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