There’s been a little rift in the Patriot movement; a “tremor in the force” if you’ll allow, and it seems to have worried a few people.

Please let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about, and if you’ll give me a few minutes of your time, I’ll explain why it’s actually the best thing that could have happened, and why we’ll be lucky to see more of it.

First of all, we never lose any people, and we’re all here because we “know too much”. We only keep growing, because we’ve all been brought here by knowing that war is inevitable, and as more people steer themselves around the learning curve, they’ll eventually join our ranks too.  

And since none of us can unlearn what we know, none of us are going anywhere. What’s created by the divisions in the movement are more places where more people will feel at home, and that makes these little schisms excellent recruitment tools. The sum of any two groups that are formed this way will be greater than any single group, and it’s a big mistake to have too many people under the influence of too few people anyway.

At the bottom of a million different groups will be our common ground, our common enemy, and common goals. That can only be the Bill of Rights being reinstated as the law of the land, because it’s the violation of those rights that’s brought us together. It’s sometimes called “natural law”, and it’s what we’re all going to naturally revert to, and adhere to, because it’s the violation of those rights that offends us all. It’s what all Americans have in common, and what we’re all going to be fighting for, regardless of any agenda some people may have that differs slightly from that universal goal.

You see, after you’ve bled, killed, and have suffered the horrors or war, you’re not going to be satisfied without victory, and it’s unlikely that any of us will tolerate any violation of the Bill of Rights after we’ve gone through hell to restore it.

Any other agenda will be recognized as a half-measure, or even a betrayal, and if that exists, the war will simply not end. No one will be happy going through hell to remove one dictatorship only to see it replaced by a different one, and any would-be dictators who exist after the war, will probably not exist for very long. Furthermore, you’ll teach your children not to allow any violation of those rights, so this war will probably free us from tyranny for at least a few generations.

Let the war start anywhere, and let it be fought by any and all willing volunteers. It’s where the war ends that’s important, and I can assure you now that it will not end, until the Bill of Rights is restored as the supreme law of the land, and its guarantees of freedom and liberty are granted to all Americans.

Anyone seeking an opportunity to install themselves as a new dictator after this revolution will never succeed, and never know peace, precisely because there will be a million different groups, all fighting for the same goal, which goal necessarily leaves dictators without heads. The Bill of Rights can not coexist with any form of tyranny, and after it’s restored, would-be tyrants will be afraid to violate it if they have any sense whatsoever.

I wish Mark, Don, and all of the Christian militias the best of luck and success in forming Christian communities after the war, much as the Amish, and Quakers have done in the past, but I won’t have anyone’s religious beliefs forced upon me any sooner than I want the LGBT agenda forced upon me.

The gay boys are also invited to fight to restore the republic, but they’re not going to force me to accept their lifestyle, or prevent me from expressing my opinions about it. If they try, the war will not end.

If blacks feel uncomfortable in mostly white militias, they can form their own groups too, but if they decide to fight for black supremacy or privilege, the war will not end.

In short, no one in America will know peace and prosperity again unless the Bill of Rights is restored as absolute law, because it defines what America is.

When we divide into more groups, we attract more people, and we prevent ay large number of people from being led away from our common goal. Let’s look at the recent division as the blessing that it is, and get on with our business.

From the Trenches World Report is my favorite radio show for news and political discussion, but I still listen to the Intelligence Report for their wealth of information too, because I know I’m allowed to disagree with some of their beliefs. It’s the Bill of Rights that grants all of us the right to disagree, with whomever we chose to, and that’s what we all have to fight for.

Divisions in the movement foster growth, and certainly do NOT foretell our demise. Instead of worrying, let’s just move on, and do what we have to do, happy that we just became stronger as a whole. A whole bunch of strong individuals, with individual beliefs and goals, fighting for the one common goal that makes it all possible.   — Jolly Roger

41 thoughts on “Division

  1. That was eloquently posed J.R. It’s all about the Bill of Rights. I’m in this for full restoration and, most importantly, enforcement of those rights as absolute. Nothing short of that goal will I rest peacefully.

  2. Wish Ed, Mark and Don all the best. My energy’s and support stay with Henry. At this point in the game, it’s loyalty towards the man who’s beliefs don’t zig zag around like a drunken sailor who has lost his ship.

    My goal is a place where I can live my life in peace, surrounded by nothing more than woods and mountains, enough water to satisfy my thirst, and a warm fire at night, where I can look back at this garbage we are faced with now, and laugh at the fool who said, “maybe we have alittle too much freedom”.

    Until then, I march on with who I trust. And to the stupis who say, “too much drama” I say this, “pull it out”


    1. I don’t know how many years I’ve been here, Mark, but I’ve always respected Henry’s integrity, honesty, and devotion to the truth.

      He has a better idea of how this country is supposed to operate than anyone I know, I’ve learned a lot from him, and I think he’d make a good president.

  3. We are so screwed y’all. The elites are laughing at us we will kill ourselves and they will win. I left ltr and trenches for this reason! I will stand with God my family and the bill of rights anything else gets lead!

  4. Very nicely said JR. I think the majority of us are on the same page.

    I said it once and I’ll say it again…We are a family here at FTTWR. That will prove to be our greatest strength. As the psychopaths ramp up their infringements of the peoples natural rights, so will they meet resistance like they have never seen. American Nationals. May our maker bless their heathen souls.

    Long Live This Republic and Bless all our Brethren.

  5. Admit it y’all we will all never agree! I don’t understand why because the bill of rights is easy to understand! Even for a hillbilly like me! We fight amongst ourselves and cant agree on something so simple as freedom. I will not try to sway anyone! Just remember this, please try to focus on what is absolute my freedom, your freedom, American freedom! All else is bullshit!

    I hope I meet you all on the right side of the bullets!

  6. Very well put, J.R. I know myself I don’t fully agree with anyone here sometime, or some of you sometime, but I agree with you all the time that we are here because of the plans to reinstate The BoR, truth, liberty and true justice for all.

    I don’t run in the same circles as you guys, my beliefs are somewhat different on the surface, but at the core, I am a true patriot, I believe in this country, what she stands for and why she was created.

    I, too, have no objection to anyone having one group or organization, as long as their core values are the same and have the same desired outcome.

    When the time come, I fully believe we will all come together as we are supposed to and fight for our country and for the Bill of Rights.

    I don’t know when it’s coming, but I know it’s coming. I don’t know if I will still be alive when freedom is again won, but I know we will again secure freedom. I know the left (those that are left or don’t wake up and join the cause), the progressives, the elites and the uber elites will throw everything they have at us in order to crush us once and for all. But I know light will always conquer darkness, I know good will ultimately prevail over evil and I know bedrock foundation, solid patriotic, BoR loving Americans will one day will the battle for freedom.

    Thank you again, J.R. for a very well written piece and thank you all for allowing me to tag along with the group. I, too, read a few other news sources, but I rely on FTT for the important issues. It’s my one go-to source for the serious information.

    Thanks again

  7. I vote we let the conversation die before we turn into a bunch of sobbing miss Nancys. Everyone’s said their piece , not everyone agrees with everyone. Hell I’ve had words with everyone on here most likely at one time or another. Digger and I used to really get into it .And Henry banned me once. You don’t have to tollerate everyone, but no sense in making a spectacle out of it. Let’s just move on.

    1. Agreed. Ok, sappiness turned off. Now back to the business of prepping for ‘that’ day and so forth. Let’s get moving, folks; we’re burnin’ daylight.

  8. Here is an idea…
    Everybody shows up to/and “fight”[let the judo-pagan-churchianity types worship their strange gods so to identify themselves]

    Then when the POLICYmen(revenuers) show up to extract ‘their’ mammon for a “NON-Sanctioned Gathering” “involving arms”,

    We all just turn, fire, and destroy their armada. Together.

    Then if we all still feel like killing more people, we then can turn on each other.
    Obviously EVERYONE IS REQUIRED to kill ALL commies/ zionists/ pharisees/ child abusers/ property stealing scumbags of ALL types.
    So by default there will be less of “them” when the initial transaction takes place[as per Law Merchant]. All this while standing on a foreign owned chess board colored field [abomination of nature].

    I agree Jolly Roger, “divisions in the movement are more places where more people will feel at home” and I would add it ‘knocks the dust off lazy complacency.

    Too bad less than one half of one percent of the country knows this even happened.

    “Dancing with the brain-washed” and “2 dumb nobodies” are having their television premier tonight. Plus 911 has got everyone parroting about “where they were on the fateful day”.
    BARF. Now I get why parents always talked about JFK and ‘where they were’. Stupid ass brainwashed zombie filth…but I digress.

    BTW I was in New York(state). Oh it was HARable.

      1. I was born out that way. Garbage piles and too many roads.
        I decided I wont go east of the I25 and I wont live east of the I15.

        I90 and I40 north to south. (exception Alaska. The only state I have not visited or lived in. Id go there for the chance to die)(Cascadia too)

  9. Your words are good Jolly Roger. I hope that you and you all don’t mind if I hang around at FTT for a spell. I like it here!

  10. “Please let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about,…”

    To quote a sixties favorite (then, not now) of mine…

    “What, me worry?”

  11. No rift here JR
    What you just said , is fact and are words people need to get into their heads for survival of what is ours these Rights are unalienable , no bargains , no compromises
    I get pissed when people say our Republic is dead , well bit@h it’s only dead if you are a quitter and a puss¥ And by giving in , you give the tyrants of the world more power over you ,and other freedom fighters of the world
    Standing shoulder to shoulder with you in these trenches brother , I hope you will have me
    I can’t say it like you do , so I hope I’m well understood

  12. Any division that keeps us from being a political strong arm OR a RELIGIOUS strong arm, all the better. We must adhere 100% to the bill of rights or admit we seek tyranny.

    There is only room for absolute freedom, nothing less. Better we have all the “drama” in the world than to allow others to be led (by mark and don) into a feudal world where religion governs all!

    Three hurrahs to Henry for taking a stand against the would be religious despots!

  13. I agree with Henry on most things except one.
    All things come from God! Including the ideas in the bill of rights. Freedom comes from God, not anything else, as all things do. If you will not give
    credit to the One True Living God, then you will never be free! Read the Book!
    Sorry guys, God comes first, freedom comes from God.

    P.S. I never could listen to that guy who said, “maybe we have to much freedom”

    Death to the zionist eww scum, Glory to God.

    1. This is a country founded on laws of reason, not religion and political ideologies. Thanks for the many articles J.R., I stand with my USMC brothers, as well as anyone else who seeks a return to sanity. Religion is the ultimate divider as it was designed to be such. Some see this, others do not and thats their choice. I dont even care to argue it, as you will never do anything more than waste time which is already short. Just dont push your God upon me and we will get along fine. Carry on..

    2. Which “one true god?” Jewish god? Protestant god? How about Thor? Odin? No? Maybe Isis, Anubis, Osiris, Zeus, Satan, Quatzequatle, Quan Yin, Guan Gan… Maybe some obscure Apache, Navajo or Zuni god of war?

      You are WRONG, our rights come from WHATEVER divine being(s) we believe in no matter who they are or how different. Thus the Bill of Rights says: FREEDOM OF RELIGION! Our rights come from WHATEVER we believe in as the supreme power NOT what some OTHER religion TELLS us to believe as true.

        1. I gave up a long time ago on debating religion. I’be never been attacked, nor poo pooed on, nor blessed, nor given anything by any god. It is men who do evil and men that I will fight for liberty. Gods are of no significance to me.

  14. The division may be explained by growing numbers.
    More voices, more opinions.

    No doubt the movement has been infiltrated by ‘others’ who want to diminish any progress.

    But it may be time for new leadership, new ideas.
    Staying the course is more important than any individual or clique.

    The fact that there is this discussion says much.
    And it is positive.

  15. I will not tolerate being told that I have to ‘worship’ anything, anytime.
    (whether implied or more directly asserted)

    If I can’t be free to choose my own way, I’ll still be going my own way.
    Anyone that can’t handle that has their own problem.

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