Does This Document Prove AIDS Deliberately Manufactured And Spread?

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

The document shown below is purported to have come directly from the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations of the U.S. House of Representatives, first session of the 91st Congress.

In the document it specifically says that an AIDS-laced smallpox vaccine was to be injected into over 100 million African-Americans in 1977, and over 2,000 young white male homosexuals (Operation Trojan Horse) were to be injected by the CDC and the New York Blood Center in 1978.  

The document is below, click to enlarge-

Since the outbreak of AIDS, there have been theories, depopulation, biological warfare, genocide and as more and more documentation is revealed, one has to wonder if those conspiracy theories are paranoia or truth.

Watch the video below, read the document above and decide for yourself.

5 thoughts on “Does This Document Prove AIDS Deliberately Manufactured And Spread?

  1. It fits well with the original patterns of infection, where it appeared in Africa on a trajectory that seemingly followed the last major rounds of smallpox vaccination, and in the US where it coincided regionally with the prototype Hep B vaccinations. I can also recall Haitian immigrants as being on the high-risk list early in the piece.

  2. The doc either did or didn’t come from the 91st Congress, you should verify something of this magnitude before setting things on fire.

    And how could they infect 100 million African-Americans with the virus back in 1977 when there was only around 26 million?

    The phone number stamped on the doc, the 1-800-800-5565? That number belongs to an outfit called the “Phoenix Source” and they are quite the colorful bunch.
    If your into ‘channeling’ the Pleaidians, be sure to drop in on your way around the cosmos!

    1. It does say 100 million Africans on the document itself. The author of the article got it wrong.

      As to the ph #, can’t say, didn’t call. Sorry.

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