Donald Trump Announces New Reality Series Co-Starring Kelly Osbourne

As the reality of Ron Paul’s domination in the Republican Primaries becomes more absolute, the mainstream propagandists have decided on a new direction.  Their attempts to manipulate the minds of the politically astute have failed completely, leaving them but one avenue yet to try.

Ron Paul has become very popular with the younger generation as they have come to realize that the international elite intend to enslave them, so now the propaganda will target our youth.  Also to be targeted are the middle class adults who live their lives vicariously through their favorite characters on their favorite reality shows.

To launch the campaign the reality star of The Apprentice, Donald Trump, will be hosting his own GOP presidential debate, and to bring the younger crowd in it was arranged yesterday morning for Trump to become associated with Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly.

Trump actually boasted that his debate would get higher TV ratings than any GOP debate to date, and isn’t that what it is really all about?  TV ratings?  And what the hey, wouldn’t Kelly Osbourne be just perfect to interject the younger voter’s views into the new reality show?  GOP debating with Donald and Kelly.

You young folks out there who might be exposed to Miss Osbourne take note.  Kelly Osbourne was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and a golden suppository up her backside.  She was raised a spoiled brat and her so called career has been tailor made for her by her mummy and daddy, who can afford million dollar equipment that, when finely tuned, can make her sound just good enough to pass as mediocre.

And consider this.  There are thousands of young girls out there, naturally gifted with fine singing voices, who will never be heard because music has become an American commodity and, like every other American commodity/product, quality does not count.  Advertising sells music, not talent.

Kelly Osbourne looks down her nose at common folk and would gladly see those more talented than she cleaning up the dog shite on her floors.  She is of the 1% and any young person who would take her advice on any subject has already degraded themselves to a slave mentality.

As for the rest of you middle class idiots out there living in the unreality of reality TV, be advised, Donald Trump laughs at your miserable existence as indentured servants as he travels the world in his private jet that your tax dollars subsidized.  He is not only of the 1%, but enjoys flaunting his extravagant, gluttonous, ill begotten wealth in your faces as you are enslaved.

Every thinking citizen of these United States should boycott this false reality debate of Donald Trump’s.  We have seen how Newt Gingrich has bowed to kiss Trump’s ring to show he will be an obedient lapdog to the 1%.

Jon Huntsman has declined to participate in this classless sideshow, not because of an overabundance of integrity, but because he considers himself an elitist in his own right who should not have to bow to Donald Trump.

Dr. Ron Paul refused to participate because he says this kind of rinky dink publicity stunt should be beneath a person seeking the office of the Presidency of the United States and any citizen with an ounce of pride in our country should agree.

Trump is a self centered sleazebag and if we truly wanted to solve the problem of our debt we could easily do so by buying him for what he is worth and selling him for what he thinks he’s worth.  Hell, we could solve the world’s economic crisis with that kind of cash.

The bottom line is the propagandists are going to push this reality TV nonsense as it is all they have left.  And again, it is not going to work.  I believe we all should not only boycott the programming but publically chastise anyone speaking to its content in any and every public venue where we find them.

As for you Trump, you two bit puss gutted puke, you are going to pay for your treason when the American people of the American race, who are living in the real reality, stuff your pathetic ass on one of the deportation barges bound for Somalia with a bottle of barbeque sauce tied on a rope around your neck.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Donald Trump Announces New Reality Series Co-Starring Kelly Osbourne

  1. And as the nausea resists all attempts to be suppressed and the approaching necessity to vomit becomes undeniable we…uh…change the channel? Hit the red X?

    How about simply refusing to acknowledge the existence of these imbeciles?

    Works for me!

    When you see a pile of animal excrement on the sidewalk or elsewhere do you stoop to rub your nose in it? Only the stupidity of the masses lends visibility to these…uh….individuals.

      1. Yes…it’s time to stop paying attention to the carnival side shows.

        When the perverse nature of those who give audience to these grotesque spectacles of human asininity is self disciplined enough to grow beyond addiction to living vicariously through these moronic “celebrity” personalities perhaps we can move on as a species…that is if any among us with any brains at all are still alive.

        After all…what would Forrest Gump say?

        1. Yeah…me too…not holding my breath for that one!

          Put that under “Things That Will Never Happen”….and they know it!

          1. That,and that alone, is why they continually succeed.

            Baaah….baaah…what? You’re cutting my throat? Gee….thought you were just playing!

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