16 thoughts on “Dr Judy Wood : Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    This is a perfect example of desperation,.. of the Zionists throwing another
    Academic’s” explanation (therefore,.. an “authoritative source”) of how the towers came down,.. to draw attention away from what has already been figured out, as we expose the guilty more and more each day.

    This “Doctor” is so full of crap, it’s not funny.

    Lets start off with a few basics or “Tells” of a Bullshit-Artist at work.

    1) Soon as the video opens,… its starts with that spacey, “expand your mind” nonsense,… you know,.. “new age” babble stuff. (… BECAUSE YOUR THINKING IS SO LIMITED,.. YOU CAN”T FIGURE THIS OUT WITHOUT US!!!…. EXPANDING YOUR MIND!!!!)

    2) The name of this conference is: “Breakthrough Energy Conference 2012”.

    Really?,.. why not something like, “Forensics Evidence Of Directed Energy Weapon On 9-11”??,.. or something like, “9-11: Towers Destroyed By Advanced Weapon Symposium”,.. or something like,.. “Zionist-Jew Attempt To Cover-Up Their Attack On America”,… or any of a 100 other equally good names that at least suggests that this is about 9-11??!!,.. and not some aborrated Tesla device?

    3) Soon as she walks up,… doesn’t introduce herself,… but instead praddles about for her, “laser”,.. without apologizing after finally finding it,… very unprofessional.

    4) Does not start with what is this conference all about, and why is this presentation so different from others,… again,.. comnpletely unacceptable for a “Professional Presentation”.

    5) Does NOT discuss or even spend so much as 1 minute giving her background or more importantly,… “WHO FUNDED” this little circus exhibition (…. remember the phrase,.. “..follow the money”…. ??)

    6) Her opening explanation of why people having been thinking about this all the wrong way,… is complete crap.

    7) She claims people had a pre-concieved notion about what brought down the towers, and THEN,.. cherry picked “data”,.. as she called it, to suit their theories.,…. Not just WRONG,.. but, “dead as could be” wrong!!!”

    Note: We engineers gathered OBSERVABLE data,.. and then reconstructed the “Catastrophic Failure Phase”,.. and then re-evaluated the most likely explanation in an endless loop to ensure legitimacy and repeatability of conclusion.

    8) She then states that,.. “.. the data tells you how it happened..”

    WRONG!,…. the “data” is simply a list of the KNOWN facts or observations,… evidence that is used to reconstruct the catastophic failure phase.,.. The “data” in and of itself NEVERS tells you how it happened.,.. that takes a FORENSICS ANALYSIS of event sequences of physical dynamics.

    9) She then proceeds to use a completely idiotic methodology of event reconstruction that is has no reflection of simple, straight forward Forensics methods.

    10) She then states that the concrete was “being pulvarized…. AS IT WAS FALLING!!!”, (emphasis added)… WRONG!. (She exp[licitly states that the concrete was being turnewd to dust in “MIDAIR”!,.. several times),… wrong.

    Note: The concrete was already in a state of microfracture and disintigration on the way down. The “Opaque” streaming of dust you witness,. is the aerodynamic shearing forces of the wind (from gaining speed as it falls), stripping off the outlayers of loosely granulated piles of finely fractured concrete flying off into the air as it falls (… air blooming).

    The real question is, “How did solid concrete get so finely broken up, from when it was solid building just a couple of second earlier, to fly-away dust on the way down? ( a difference of just mere few seconds…)

    11) She states the collapsing towers did NOT slam into the ground.

    Yeah it did,.. but NOT as a single unit!,.. it was already dismembered and pulverized BEFORE hitting the ground, so the PARTS and dust hit the ground, NOT a single building segment.

    12) She states the million tons of building material just kind of “disappeared”.

    WRONG: Some of the building collapsed into its own subsurface cavity (the twin towers had 7 floors of below ground floors while she also neglected to mention that ALL of lower Manhatten was covered in 4″-To-6″ of finely pulverized dust that went from the East River, to the Hudson River.

    13) Then she attacks the FACT that CNN called Bldg 7 collapse some 20 minutes BEFORE it happened,.. and tired to TRIVALIZE it as it was just a simple mistake of reporting eagerness. (This is a total dead giveaway of a zionist shill hard at work)

    14) Interviews: They include WHOLLY useless interviews of someone that claims to have been there,… and it does nothing to support a “scientific” review of events.

    15) Then she trieks to say there was, “No Explosions!” because the 14 people who survived did not mention them. Funny how she did NOT mention that EXPLOSIONS were seen and heard by virtually ALL surface witnesses.

    16) She spends a lot of her presentation time, showing videos of 9-11, which we’re clearly picked to evoke an emotional response,… not to review evidence in a scientific method.

    17) She jokes and laughes thru the whole presentation like this was all JUST A BIG JOKE!

    18) She then makes the LUDRICOUS statement that if Bldg 7 had been taken down by “explosives”,.. (aka: Controlled Demolition),… it would have “machine gunned” all the other buildings,.. so it didn’t happen!!!

    19) She spends an inordinate amount of time stating over and over that because the “bath-tub” did not fail,.. proves the buildings did not fall! ( her conjecture is,.. the building were pulverized/vaporized by an advance direct energy weapon)

    Note: She presents utter nonsense, faliing to acknowldge a known archtectual/engineering principle called “liguefication”,.. meaning that a 40 lb. bag of powder in a paper bag dropped on someones head,.. will break their neck. Drop that some powder on them WITHOUT the bag (to keep it together),… it just showers down on someones head harmlessly.

    20) She then does an analysis of the seismic signal, ignoring the fact this was NOT a “typical” controlled demolition, as there appears to be FAR MORE explosives used to disintergrate these buildings, leading to a liguefication effect (meaning,.. little or severly reduced ground impact due to the scattering of material).

    21) She then exerts great effort to explain away the explosions stating,.. they weren’t explosions,… they were just something like explosions that people didn’t know what else to call.

    22) She then explains the “molten metal” in pictures, videos and eye-witness accounts, as simply,… (drum roll please….) paper laying on the ground!! (Ta-Daaaaaaaa!!!) Who knew?

    And it goes on and on like this.

    Conclusion: They ARE SCARED!!!!

    They have brought out this filthy douchbag to make excuses, distort, lie, and misdirect people from the fact, they are being exposed, and people are waking up in mass,.. demanding answers, as all evidence always brings you back to Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, CIA, FBI, Israel, Mossad, their operatives,.. and of course, the International Banksters (.. the NWO),.. which means,.. the Rothchilds!

    This is interesting to watch so you can see how desperate the zionis-jews are to confuse and misdirect people away from the truth that has been exposed.

    Somebody paid a lot of monet to some think-tank to come up this load of bovine excrement,… again,.. just another indication of,.. THEY ARE SCARED!!!

    JD – US Marines – This douchbag is so full crap,… she is insulting to the intellegence of even a lowgrade moron.


    1. Following “Dr Woods” explanations was quite annoying. Almost seemed like a bad stand-up comedy routine. Between the distractions of her downplaying physical laws and the bogus explanations she would have us believe, she attempts to re-write physics.

      The people who funded this event (911), are most certainly scared. It’s just a matter of time until we get to the bottom of it.

    1. Hi Enbe,

      I’m not sure what you mean,.. she got nothing right.

      She is a Paid-For-Academic Shil (… if even that), that is lying right to our faces with virtually every word she utters and laughs thru.

      There is not one element of her methodology that stands up to rudimentary engineering analysis, nor standard Forensics Techniques.

      In other words,.. she is completely full of crap.

      JD – US Marines – Note,.. I was the Chief Forensics Engineer for AE911truth for most of 2013,…. I know just a little bit about the subject at hand 😉



        1. Hi Enbe,

          If you don’t like facts and knowledge,.. your on the wrong site.

          Please try Alex Jones’ website,.. it will probably be much better suited to your,… level.

          Thanks – JD


          1. Yes, facts and knowledge, from your comments: full of crap, bullshit-artist, nonsense, complete crap, completely idiotic methodology, useless interviews, ludicrous, utter nonsense, filthy douchbag, bovine excrement, douchbag, full crap, lowgrade moron, paid-for-academic shil, completely full of crap; try Alex Jones’ website,.. it will probably be much better suited to your,… level.

            How could I not be convinced… that you’ve learned your lessons on ad hominem attacks, rather like Alex the shegetz. Take another valium.

    2. Are you kidding me? Dr. Woods and her “research” was first touted by Pete Santilli, FBI operative extraordinaire.

      That is all anyone should need to hear to know that this is B.S.

  2. For quite some time I thought Judy Wood was way off base. However, after much research, I now believe that directed energy weapons were ALSO used that day along with thermite AND explosives planted by the Mossad team which had lived in the WTC in the previous months.

    There is no other explanation for the condition of cars near the WTC.

    1. Hi The News Is Fake,

      The cars caught fire from the Nano-Thermate that was still burning in the dust and metal fragments that landed on the ground.

      Remember, Nano-Thermate burns at 5,000+ plus degrees, and not all in one instant, so even a minute amount of if still burning in the dust is far more than sufficient to cause the incineration patterns that were observed.

      In addition, if a Directed Energy Weapon was used,… where was it? It would have to be overhead, which means in space, which means that it was at least 250 miles up, and then directed its energy wave thru the atmosphere.

      Problem,… It violates the law of physics to maintain such a tightly controlled particle wave (Energy Wave) as it comes thru the atmosphere due to Refraction and atmosheric turbidity (You would have seen extreme steaming in the air column above the WTC area (… from ground level to the edge of space…) as the energy wave would have cooked off all the moisture in the air and caused a highly unusual acoustical effect also from the air being super heated like that.)

      Hope that helps a little.

      Thanks – JD


      1. Hey J.D., I always thought the atmosphere would be too difficult to focus a beam through until I saw how they get clarity out of these deep space images. They appear to have developed a system that helps refract and “refocus” the light beam. The result of what would be a “fuzzy image” becomes amazingly clear. If this same technology could be adapted for these space based weapons, that hurdle would be cleared. Who knows, we may have witnessed it’s use with those explosions in China.

        1. Hi Millard,

          Your mistaking computer enhancement as a way to violate physical law.

          There is absolutely no way to project an energy wave thru a medium of varying density (such as air), without suffering the effects of Chromatic, or Achromatic Aberration, and Wave Front Dispersion.

          This is what causes Refraction, Wave Propagation Distortion and Energy Wave Dispersion.

          What you are seeing in those images, is the result of highly selective exposures being taken, on unusually dry, clear evenings, which are then enhanced by very sophisticated computer programs that compensate for the know effects of atmosheric distortions, chromatic aberration, and fringe effect.

          The images you get to see, are not the raw images gathered for processing, filitering, refining, enhancing, and false color texturing.

          Its kind of like listening to music,… your not hearing the actual raw music track or the singer as they actually sound,.. your hearing the singer/band AFTER they had their voice/music put thru a vocal processor (or several of them),.. and then was filtered, mixed, and enhanced by the sound engineer using start of the art computors and/or several hundred thousands of dollars worth of mixing, sound engineer’s processors.

          As for the explosions in China,… that just looks like good old fashion espionage sabotage. Nothing fancy or sophisticated about it,… simply covert and nefarious. (Why do you think the CIA just pulled its operatives (… or at least some of them) out of China?)


          1. That makes sense J.D. The “Star Wars” Missile Defense System they spent trillions on is doing what now? Is it just for space based weapons and shooting missiles down before they re-enter the atmosphere or just a spectacular way to steal from the taxroll?

  3. Those of us who spend a lot of time looking at the sky or traveling through it see on occasion vehicles that are nothing like what we are used to seeing and performing maneuvers at speeds that are astonishing. What this gall was presenting strongly suggests the use of torsion field device of a Type 2 Civilization. I’m not talking aliens either.

    This is what makes REGIME CHANGE even more imperative and get at the other people behind it who are using this technology. These are crazies who can’t be trusted with matches and are wielding hyper-dimensional technology and weapons far beyond antomics. Dr. Wood is not the only physicist asking these same questions. Mostly She was asking good questions and saying we are seeing a new to us technology and need to go study it for ourselves and develop something in parallel to the criminals who used it on the WTC. That was logical and she’s 100% right. People need to open their eyes.

    In the conflict that is comming getting at this technology or developing it now amongst the patriot movement is a must.

    YOu go Dr. Judy Wood!!! 🙂 Ignore the morons!!

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