Driver of vehicle crushed by semi saved by sturdy headrest


OKLAHOMA CITY – A metro man narrowly escaped death thanks in part to one very sturdy headrest.

Kelly White spent his Thursday at the office, catching up on work that was put on pause Wednesday morning.

“I was heading to go look at a property,” said White. “I looked over to my right and saw a truck coming … he was carrying so much speed, there was no way he was going to make the turn.”  

Kelly braced for impact, as he and his car were slammed into a concrete bridge on I-235 near the 36th Street exit. He didn’t even have time to catch his breath before the nightmare continued.

Man says head rest saved his life story image

“I could look up and see the trailer falling over,” said White. “I was trying to react by squishing down in my seat as much as I could do, but I could still feel the headliner coming down on my head.”

Then as quickly as it began, it was over. Kelly’s next move was to find an escape route.

Remarkably, his rear passenger window was still functional.

“Figured out a way to wiggle into the backseat,” said White. “Was able to get my feet out of the hole, and a couple guys pulled me out.”

Once out of the car, he found this was a case of ‘headrest rescue.’

“The top of the headrest stopped the roof from coming down any farther,” said White. “I’m just grateful that I walked away from it.”

The car, the semi (and the semi’s driver) all left with battle scars. Now Kelly is counting his lucky stars.

“Everybody said, you need to realize how lucky you are,” said White. “I do … the good Lord has been really good to me.”

Both Kelly and the driver of the semi were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, and were later cleared.

5 thoughts on “Driver of vehicle crushed by semi saved by sturdy headrest

  1. Truck driver isn’t going to have his job very long. A product of bad training and lousy driving. This happens all of the time with new drivers. You can’t take the ramps at anything faster than around 10-15 MPH. These trucks are just too top heavy.

    All of the seasoned drivers have quit because of regulation BS and now we are stuck with worthless idiots.

    1. Agreed. Sure hope he doesn’t have his job much longer (no word on that). Take a look at the footage of the scene (link in my comment, below). Both the truck and the car are a mess. It is amazing that either driver walked away.

      I worry about you out there Mark. There was a day when you only had to worry about idiot car drivers. Now you have to worry about idiot fellow truck drivers. too. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. In this case, it is a good thing that the airbag did NOT deploy.
    They aren’t saying anything about that. However, when you see photos, it is obvious. Having a hard time finding a still photo to show Trenchers who can’t view video. (sorry 🙁 ) The Aol still photo couldn’t be posted.
    Here is the original report (video):

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