East Libya Declares Self-Government

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Eastern Libya has declared an autonomous regional government with an official ceremony, challenging the country’s weak central government that failed to assume unifying power over rebels and various tribes since the 2011 war toppled Muammar Gaddafi.

Leaders of an autonomy movement met on Sunday in the small town of Ajdabiya to launch the government under the name of Barqa, or Cyrenaica as it is also known, supporters said.  

They were joined by the tribal leader Ibrahim Jathran, the former head of Libya’s Petroleum Protection Force in charge of guarding oil facilities, who defected in the summer and seized the biggest ports Ras Lanuf and Es-Sider with his troops. Jathran was standing next to the self-declared Prime Minister Abd-Rabbo al-Barassi, a defected air force commander.

So this is what democracy looks like in Libya?  This is why we destroyed the richest nation in Africa?  Bombings, assassinations, militias, weak central government and so forth.  It will be intersting to see what Tripoli does and if they can do anything at all.  -Mort


3 thoughts on “East Libya Declares Self-Government

  1. “So this is what democracy looks like in Libya? This is why we destroyed the richest nation in Africa? ”

    But only on orders from their Zionist masters.

    1. btw, there is no WE involved. It’s THEM.

      You know, that treasonous, communist, so-called ‘government’.

      WE, the people, have never approved of their illegal Zionist designated/initiated wars.

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